Dubani- WA- Dubani laid to rest
Deceased's body before being taken to the burial place

Hundreds of mourners traversed the country to attend the funeral of veteran Voice Journalist, Dubani- WA Dubani who succumbed to a heart attack last week.

Dubani, 48, was laid to rest in his home village of Maropong on Saturday in a funeral fit for a free spirited, independent thinker and creative writer that he was.

Dubani- WA- Dubani laid to rest

With Bob Marley’s songs playing softly in the background, one speaker after the other described Dubani as an exceptionally talented creative writer who practiced journalism as a means to and end.

“ Although he was an award winning journalist, his passion was creative writing. He used journalism as a means to put food on the table while he worked on his art. Dubani was a creative writer, ” said his long time friend and musician, Cyril Ndolo in his last tribute to his bosom buddy before sending him off with a rendition of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song.

Dubani- WA- Dubani laid to rest
FAMILY REPRESENTATIVE: Motlhaleemang Moalosi

His younger brother Motlhaleemang Moalosi lovingly remembered Dubani as an avid reader and writer whose influence in Rastafarian, reggae music and the love of books can still be felt in the family today.

Dubani- WA- Dubani laid to rest

“ Because of his influence we all excelled in the English language and in writing although we were also inclined towards sciences,” said Motlhaleemang.

Dubani- WA- Dubani laid to rest
THE VOICE REPRESENTATIVE: Editor-in-Chief, Emang Bokhutlo

May His soul Rest In Peace.

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