ACCUSED: Peter Sebolelo


A security guard who set his rented house ablaze in a drunken fit of rage has pleaded guilty to the charge of arson and assault common.

Peter Katlego Sebolelo (27) of Block II in Francistown was expected to be sentenced for the two offences today. (Friday 11, 2014)

Evidence given in court has indicated that sometime last month while under the influence of liquor, Sebolelo set alight a rented room he shared with his girlfriend while trying to cook a late night meal.

When his girlfriend, Priscilla Monte woke up to a room filled with smoke and quickly roused him from his deep sleep and asked him to help stop the fire,instead of assisting, he attacked her.

“I had prepared pap and relish for supper and left the food on top of the stove for him, but apparently he wanted chicken and rice instead which he proceeded to cook and then fell asleep while cooking” Monte told the court.

Monte went on to narrate how she was shocked when instead of helping her put out the fire Sebolelo started torching more property in the room and talking about how it was his plan all along to burn down the house anyhow.

When she protested he turned on her and pounded the unsuspecting woman with fists.

At the end of it all cash amounting to P 1, 200, six blankets valued at P900 each, a kitchen unit worth P800, 12 plates (P84.40) and 12 cups valued at P60 were gutted by fire.

Sergeant Ronny Mmuso prosecuted while magistrate Sejabuliso Siziba presided over the matter.

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