Druggy MP'S
Druggy MP'S

There is something wrong with either our Parliament or ‘special’ politicians. Shaya has been informed that a Member of Parliament was recently whisked out of the country by his leaders for treatment.

Shaya has been told that the troubled MP, who is on the verge of quitting politics, was to be admitted to rehab. We all know the type of people rehab takes and I won’t dwell much on that.

Whether he was drugged or went on his own accord is also a topic for another day.

What Shaya can commend is the wise choice made to book the politician in rehab, although it looks like it might have been taken a bit too late to save his once-promising career.

However, Shaya would like to advise the good samaritan to come back and help another politician in desperate need of assistance.

Shaya clearly forgot to take a glue sniffing MP with him.

Why smoke glue sir? Having looked into your background, I can confirm that you were raised well and never went to bed hungry or slept on the streets.

Quit that nasty habit before we expose you – in fact your colleagues are already becoming suspicious because they were not used to that smell inside the house until you came along.

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