DriveSure takes grey out of grey imports

DriveSure, a local auto insurance provider specifically for grey imports, has vowed to do away with the grey areas associated with the purchasing a second hand vehicles from Japan, United Kingdom (UK) and other automobile exporting countries.

In partnership with GetBucks Botswana, DriveSure recently launched a vehicle ownership scheme codenamed Tsela-Kgopo in Francistown.

GetBucks is a regional fintech company that embraces technology, as a means to provide financial products and services to its customers.

City of Francistown deputy mayor, Godisang Radisigo congratulated the collaboration between DriveSure and GetBucks saying it is the only locally registered company that deals with the extension of motor and warranty plans.

“This is what I deem innovative entrepreneurship and disruptive idea much needed within the local motoring industry,” said Radisigo, adding that local consumers have for the longest time supported South African based companies who offer the services locally through dealerships.

Apart from employment creation, Radisigo said the money that goes into the purchase of DriveSure products and services would remain invested within the borders of Botswana before expressing hope that local car dealers will open their doors for the new motoring kid on the bloc.

“There has been a great many talks of market regulation of the grey import market from different pockets of our society,” said Radisigo, adding that the collaboration between DriveSure and GetBucks will contribute positively towards that movement.

“The collaboration between DriveSure and GetBucks simply guards against a client driving out of the garage and the car starts giving the driver some problems just few kilometers from the point of sale,” he said.

For his part, DriveSure Managing Director, Tenda Ndlovu said the scheme is aimed at assisting the forgotten majority of hard working citizen of this beautiful country. Ndlovu said the working class deserve better.

“We speak to the soldiers, teachers, nurses and every civil servant who works hard to afford a pre-owned car, local or import. You deserve a better finance partner, who understands your plight,” said Ndlovu.

“You can afford to buy a pre-owned vehicle, import or local, where finance is arranged; and your vehicle is fully inspected; and have a motor plan, warranty and insurance. Gone are the days where you serviced your car under the tree because they despised you,” he said.

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