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Many people have an awareness of the potential consequences of drink driving and some of us will have friends or relatives who have been injured or lost their life as a result of somebody drinking before getting behind the wheel; yet people continue to drink drive, often habitually and then just hire a Forsyth County DUI Attorney to get out of the situation. The question is ‘why’?
In an attempt to convince themselves that their actions are appropriate, people reassure themselves and others with justifications such as “Everybody does it.”  It is a common temptation to compare ourselves to our peers and the people around us and through this, we reach the conclusion that somehow our actions are “not that bad” seeing as “I’m not one of those drink drivers that get really drunk” or “I can handle my drink” and “I’m more careful after I have had a few drinks” are but a few common statements we have all heard.

Alcohol slows down the functions of the central nervous system in the same way sedatives and anaesthetics do. The drinker may feel that they are more confident and in control when in reality it is the alcohol’s affect on the part of our brain that controls judgement which creates that sense of stimulation. Unfortunately, we can’t escape from biology, therefore, slurred speech, slow reaction times, dulled hearing and vision are an inevitable side effect of alcohol consumption, whether we are aware of them or not.

‘Drive Safe, Drive Sober’ has been the strap line for one of BOSASNet’s campaigns to address drink driving within Botswana and it is a slogan we have used throughout the month of June as we celebrated ‘ Substance Abuse Awareness Month’. For the month of June, BOSASNet has partnered with a new initiative here in Gaborone called ‘Home RRa’. We have been handing out flyers in local bars to suggest that people use this service which will collect you from wherever you are and drive you home in your own car; so you both get home safely!
BOSASNet aims to educate people about alcohol use, abuse and dependency. When it comes to drink driving; it is not just education that is needed but a change in attitude. If we perpetuate urban myths and buy into justifications, then we are paving the road for a new generation of drivers who will continue to use the same excuses but also face the same consequences.

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