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It’s the following day (Saturday) The TV and VCR are now in the bush. The place where we hid the TV and the VCR was not far from our smoking spot.
We had our weed for the day and just talked about the events of the previous day. We left our treasure at the same place (TV &VCR) and went to get some Chibuku for the day. Chibuku was cheaper and it got the desired results quick.
After the Chibuku we went to our normal club not forgetting to pass by the place we robbed just to see what was going on, and drank the night away. There were no stories of the theft so this was good.
We parted our ways at around 12pm and I was “lucky” that day, I had a lady friend with me for a one night stand. I went home with her and sneaked us into the house. I let her out in the morning after my mother left for work.
We went back to where we had hidden our treasure and the VCR was missing. To this day I don’t know who took it between the two of my friends. We all looked surprised and we went to our separate homes.  I came back that Sunday evening to take the TV for myself and sold it and drank the sales with a quiet satisfaction if they were going to cheat me I was going to cheat them too. This was the beginning of many such episodes at that time of my life.
I now look back and wonder why I did all this things, there is a possibility that I could have been arrested or caught HIV but none of this mattered to me. I have since tried to locate the people I stole from to apologise but they have moved to different locations. I hope that one day I will still be able to make amends.


Q: BOSA Alcohol has ruined every part of my life, how can I simply quit?

A: If you are alcoholic, then you are suffering from an addiction that you most likely will not be able to kick on your own.  If you are really willing, we have a programme that will teach you what to do to quit, and how to stay quit, and help you find the best support possible. Most important is to get help! Just because will power works in other parts of your life, it does not mean it will work to fight alcoholism. If you have tried to quit on your own and failed, then that is a major symptom of addiction to alcohol. It only means you need help to stay quit. Many people quit and after some time, they find they are respected again, happy, peaceful, and successful.
One main tip: Don’t take the First Drink. Most people think that it’s the 6th, 8th, or 12th drink that gets them drunk and starts the trouble. The Truth is the first drink sets up the whole thing. Learn the Facts about alcoholism. It is a physical addiction and it is beyond your control. Think of it like this: no matter how successful you are in business or school or other areas of your life where will power and self control work, you still can’t control your heart beat or breathing, right?
The overwhelming evidence around the world shows us that there are things happening in the body and brain of an alcoholic that make it impossible to simply cut back, or control how much you drink. Alcoholism is an illness that gets worse over time. Call us at 395-9119 and make an appointment with a counsellor for a screening to find out if you are alcoholic, or abusing alcohol. They are two very different things.
Quitting is not simple, but it can be easier than you think. We can help you quit and you can learn how to stay quit and repair all the damage alcohol has done. There are countless people who have quit and are able to live happy, fulfilling, respectful, and productive lives. You can too!

Q: BOSA I want to drink responsibly, what can I do?
A: Drinking responsibly means knowing your limits and not taking risks that can harm yourself or others. Here are just a few tips to being responsible:
1) The best guideline to follow is to have 1 alcoholic drink per hour. That way your body can handle the effects without causing the physical problems that too much alcohol too fast can cause.
2) Don’t drive after drinking.
3) Be a responsible friend and don’t let others drive when they have been drinking.
4) Check your emotions before you drink. Alcohol is a chemical depressant. If you are angry, frustrated, sad, or depressed, alcohol can make these emotions worse.

Q: BOSA My boyfriend is an alcoholic and smokes, how can you help?
A: We can help your boyfriend if he wants to quit. If he doesn’t, we can help you learn to help yourself and him. Learning the facts about abuse and alcoholism can help you.  Living with a person who drinks too much or is alcoholic is confusing and frustrating. Our family counsellors can help you learn about what is happening and what you can do to help yourself first.

Q: BOSA I am a smoker, how can you help me quit?
Q: BOSA I want to quit smoking, help me.
Q: BOSA I am a smoker. How can you help?

A: There are a few options to quit smoking. You can call the Ministry of Health and join their support group for quitting cigarettes or call us and we can talk with you and give you the tools you need to quit smoking. Here are some brief tips:
1) Talk to your doctor.
2) Set a date to stop.
3) Tell people around you that you are stopping. Ask them to help you find other things to do when you would usually take a smoke break.
4) Keep a list of the times you usually smoke and what is happening in your life at the time. Pay attention to mental and emotional states of mind.
5)  Set a schedule. Cut back everyday for 2 weeks leading up to that date.
Call us for more information.

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In some countries it is illegal to sell alcohol or tobacco to a minor – it carries severe fines In some countries outlets including Restaurants, Bars and Shops have to display a sign advising the consumer that “it is Illegal to sell alcohol or tobacco to a person under the age of (e.g)18” In some countries it has risen from the age of 18 back to 21 years If the trader is not sure of the persons age, the consumer has to produce some form of identity to proof that they are above the age stipulated to purchase alcohol or… Read more »