Marijuana & Alcohol (picture from internet)

It was a normal Friday according to my standards: Go to school in the morning, but before class, have a little joint with my friends. I loved my friends even though they were sometimes cruel to me, but I could not afford to let them go because they gave me a sense of belonging. Time for tea break meant going to our smoking spot at the back of the school yard to smoke cigarettes and have a couple of joints, this is where some kind of planning for the evening would begin.
We walked back into class a little bit late, and this particular day our English teacher decided to say, “Eish! Go ngkga motsoko” (it smells like cigarettes). This irritated me a lot because I felt she knew it was probably us who smoked during tea break. So I called her to my desk asking her to explain some school work to me; however, my real aim was so that she could feel the smell was from me. She just reminded me of the same attitude I received from my mother at home. No one spoke to me or asked why I was smoking or drinking. I always felt they were condemning me for my behaviour so I was going to do it more until someone paid some attention to my emotional needs. As long as my friends would listen to me, those would be whom I would listen and be loyal to, and no one else even if they treat me like crap.

On a Friday afternoon after lunch we never went back to school. We would put our money together to go and get some weed and smoke at our favourite spot, conclude our plans for the evening, and just hang out. This Friday, one of my friends asked me, “Why did you do that to our English teacher? That was crazy man.” We all laughed and I felt big. I was ‘the man’ today.
We met up at around 6pm from our respective homes and checked how much money we had managed to find (I stole mine from my mother and manipulated her for more). Of course you don’t show them all your money everybody knows that.
We went to a bottle store to get brandy and Stoney (fizzy drink) so we could mix and went back to our spot to smoke and drink until we had finished everything. We then started walking to the night club.

We left the club at around 1am and to my surprise one of my friends pulled out some house keys and said we were going to break into someone’s house. I thought to myself, “Wait a minute! What are we getting into?” At the same time I needed to do this, another moment to prove myself. So I decide to join my friend and we climbed the fence and broke into someone’s home. The owners of the house were sleeping. We opened the house and took the TV, VCR, and some food from the fridge and started carrying them. I will never forget carrying that TV for a long distance, it was heavy. We hid the stuff in the bushes somewhere and parted to go to our different homes.
To be Continued.

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