Dressing for a carnival
FUN: Let the details of your ensemble become the statement

It is time to be merry and what a perfect platform to show you how to look your best this festive season especially when going for a carnival.

When I saw that there will be a carnival to herald the Christmas season, this Saturday (16 December 2017), at the main mall, themed “Heart of The City”, I knew I had to give off a few tips on how to dress for it.

The carnival is aimed at reviving and celebrating the history of the Main Mall as well as showcasing the diverse culture of the people of Botswana.

The carnival will showcase a variety of culinary offerings, a parade of different types of cultures and dances, fashion displays from Botswana, as well as local and international music artists.

Dressing for a carnival
HATS: Must have for outdoor events

When we come to the fashion part of the carnival, one important fact to note is comfort.

You’re going to be on the road and under the sun all day so a hat is must while stilettos should remain in the closet.

You can however wear anything you are comfortable in but with a streak of pizzazz – after all, this is the time to be experimental and employ some fashion-forward outfit!

Get creative, and try some of the trends like flowery dresses, pastel popping colours like various shades of blue, pale, pink lilac, soft grey, silver, white, ivory, orange in shades of tangerine, papaya and pumpkin!

Dressing for a carnival
MUST HAVE: Sunglasses

Here are some of the accessories, looks or outfit that may make you stand out from the rest, this Saturday!

Carnivals are all about being theme orientated and basically just a celebratory fun, make it a memorable one!

FOR THE BOLD AND DARING: Make sure you make it colourful to enhance the spirit of festive and summer!

CULTURE IN DESIGN: Show your heart of the city, with a cultural aesthetic.

FUN: Let the details of your ensemble become the statement.

STYLISH BUT FUNCTIONAL: This day is your chance to go bold and show off your sartorial flair.

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