Just like I promised last week, this is a continuation of looking fabulous yet serious when going to school. Take a look



People have a misconception that if you do arts you have to wear colorful, loud and bright clothing. This is not always the case guys, you don’t have to be a moving wheel of colors just because you are an artist of any sort. I know art is all about expressing yourself and being playful, but you could be a special one and be different. This is a perfect outfit to show your individuality, the light blue, soft jean top and long skirt are just too gorgeous. This outfit goes well with arts because it’s loose and free, you definitely won’t feel restricted in this kind of clothing. The loose handbag and matching shoes compliment this funky but relaxed outfit really well.

This is perfect for those going on attachment this year. You don’t have to follow the trend, be different, create your own mark. This sleeveless dress is just too cute, it’s sexy, it’s professional and


casual at the same time. It shows that you are flexible and easy going. You don’t need to wear the usual boring colors, blue, black, grey and white, be creative.

Back to the point that formal doesn’t have to be boring. Jeans, a flattery top and heels are just perfect to portray your youthfulness but yet being serious and professional simultaneously.  With this look, your lecturer is bound to get you extra marks for appearance.



I just love this outfit and can’t really say much about it, it truly speaks for its self. The look is chic, sophisticated and just perfect for a business student. And because this is an outfit for school, we paired the clothing with beautiful pumps, you can’t go wrong with those.
Models: Kgabiso Natale, Ann Hobbs, Gaone Mabote, Lemogang Kenosi and Tshepo Sepora