I am wearing this “Fresh to Tswak” T-shirt by BW artist, Touch Motswako.


There’s no question that the fashion world is a complicated one and it’s only natural to get a little lost every month.Trends come and go and sometimes we just can’t keep up! What should I be looking for in a summer blazer? How versatile are boyfriend’s jeans, really? How should I up style a certain garment from two seasons go?!The month of October will be dedicating to “Fashion how to.”

The cost of living has become expensive, prices have hiked and we realised that our budget don’t permit us to buy fashion every single month so why not come up with new way to style our clothes?

It will be any and everything re-invented, up-styled or down dressed, anyhow. Not to fear, though, because with our fashion tips and how-tos, you have expert advice every step of the way.

This week we start with a simple but important item in our wardrobes, a T-SHIRT.

So you want to wear a T-shirt, but you don’t want it looking so casual? We know, there are some days for playing dress up, but then again you still want that relaxed vibe.

Today we show you how to take a t-shirt to the next level by up-styling it. First and foremost a blazer is the most transitional item you can ever own.

Follow that with a statement neck-piece but make sure you leave your jeans out of the equation!

A well-fitting blazer makes a slogan or any cartoon-y T-shirt look borderline professional but not fuzzy!

Go on, make this relaxed but stylish combination: blazer + Statement Neck-piece + T-shirt + pants! Now you have up-styled a T-SHIRT!

Photography | Botlhe Dikobe
BRAND T-SHIRT | Fresh To Tswak

[image_slider link=”full_url_link” source=”http://www.thevoicebw.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/616.jpg”] The monochrome outfit that complements the Tee! Remember, No jeans.  [/image_slider]
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