Dread reckless starts afresh
Dread Reckless

A Zimbabwean musician living in exile, Hempson Handson, known as Dread Reckless, has released his first none-political album titled, ‘Dzoka Nemagetsi,’ which means, ‘Bring power.’

The six-song album – Reckless’ seventh – includes tracks such as Emely, Amai, Amai Mwana, Shedia, Murozvi Mukuru and Vana Vangu.

He recorded the album with his band, Terrors of Cities at KK Music Productions in Gabane. In one of the songs, he pays tribute to Zimbabwean legend, Tongayi Moyo, who passed away in 2011.

All six of Reckless’ previous albums have had strong political undertones, with the LP titled, ‘Saddam Hussein gone now it’s Mugabe’s turn,’ even landing him in prison in 2008.

“I am done with political songs, they have put my life and that of my family in danger,” the dreadlocked singer told Big Weekend.

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