Drama queen

Shaya has been keeping an eye on this controversial South African actor, who plays the part of Shaka in popular soapie, The Queen – actually maybe that should be ‘played the part of’ as he was reportedly fired recently due to his behavior.

Judging from his actions in Francistown over the weekend, Shaya believes this could be true.

Yours truly was enjoying drinks at one of the second city’s executive nightclubs when I spotted the actor arguing with revelers he suspected had taken his picture.

Apparently the celeb got upset and demanded they delete the pics.

Things got quite heated in the end – it was like watching an episode of The Queen!

Dude you’re famous – surely you’re used to people taking your picture when you go out clubbing.

Shaya suggests you stay at home from now on if that’s the way you’re going to act – sheesh, what a drama queen!

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