DECEASED: Kebobone Klienboy

Medical records blunder, mortuary mix-up rock family

Anger mixed with grief and suspicion amongst relatives of a Serowe man who recently died in hospital after he was twice mistaken for another patient.

The family’s concern that he could have been killed by wrong medication after a mix-up over medical records, intensified when a mistake was further made over the identification of his dead body.

The distressed family of 73-year-old Kebobone Klienboy, a pensioner whose cause of death was put down as possibly toxemic shock – secondary to bilateral pneumonia, are still battling to find answers from Sekgoma Memorial hospital as to how their father’s body ended up in a mortuary labelled as Oliver Moyo, a Zimbabwean man who was at that time still alive and lying in the hospital ward. Moyo had the dead man’s name tag attached to him.

Narrating the story of how the hospital sent them from pillar to post in search of their father, one of the deceased man’s children, Odirile Setlalemore said that trouble started three days after the old man was admitted to hospital with TB and swollen legs.

“It was on the third day that we received the sad news that our father had passed away. When we went to the hospital mortuary to collect the body we were shocked when the mortuary attendant told us that they didn’t have anyone named Kebobone Klienboy.

“ She told us that she had only two corpses and  none of them bore the name we were telling her,” said a grieving family member.

Confused and bewildered, Klienboy’s family went back to inquire about their father’s whereabouts from the hospital matron who told them that he was alive and still in the ward.

“When we got to the ward, to our shock and horror we realized that they had tagged our father’s body with Oliver Moyo’s name  as we saw the man lying there bearing our father’s name.” Moyo was the same name that got us seriously worried the previous day when we found it written on medical records that were meant to have been our fathers, who to our utter surprise at that time had all sorts of tubes attached to his body, which we found quite strange for a TB patient who was fairly strong just a day before.

When the mortuary mix up was brought to their attention the matron, her deputy and Dr. Phinin apologized for the confusion.

“We demanded a written apology but they refused to give one,” said Setlalemore

The family then demanded a post-mortem which was conducted at Nyangabwe Referral Hospital

“They called us last Friday and told us that our father died of TB but we demanded a written report and that was when doctor Madan from Nyangabgwe wrote with a question mark on the medical card that the cause of Kleinboy’s death was Toxemic shock – secondary to bilateral pneumonia?

The distraught family is however highly suspicious that instead of TB medication, Kleinboy was given Moyo’s medication and vice versa.

“In his medical records there is nowhere where it shows  that he had TB medication administered to him,” said Setlalemore who went on to explain that she only took the old man to the hospital because she suspected he may have had TB, since he was coughing and had once worked in the mines in South Africa.

“He did not want to go, but because I was concerned about his health I insisted on it until he reluctantly agreed. He was walking and had no major problems,” recalled the daughter.
At the time of going to press the family was awaiting a full report from the hospital, while efforts to get a comment from the hospital proved futile as their public relations line rang unanswered. Kleinboy was buried last weekend in Serowe.

This is not the first time for Skegoma Memorial Hospital to be in the press for negligence. In June this year eight patients lost an eye each while one of them later died due to a cataract operation gone wrong. The affected and their families are still waiting for answers from the Ministry of Health as to what exactly happened.
When contacted for a comment on Wednesday, the Public Relations Officer at the Ministry said that they would send us a reply “tomorrow”. Unfortunately this would have been after going to print.

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Shuuu, ga ene ya komakoma ko Sekgoma Memorial. Maybe they need to change the hospital name, I dont think Sekgoma would have liked his name to be associated with such a mess.
In a normal working democracy, the minister would have fired the hospital matron of whoever is at the top, or he himself resigns.


ijaa.. ha o bona ke sa rate sepatela jaana k gana one a..


Bathon gona le mathata kw serowe k gorefa r sants re re reedits k a bana b swaneng go bolaiwa batho………gatwe k eng he,w hv had enuf of u so stop wat u ar duin plz…u hv seekd da attention and we hav given it tou so ENUF IS ENUF……….Anothr village plz……..


The other thing is when the old man was discharged on Tuesday, he was supposed to be given TB card e e dirisiwang ko clinic for record, but he was discharged without that card. So Odirile ended up refusing to take Mdala home. That is where all drama started. He was readmitted and next thing he was late. It means the old man during his stay on hospital, was given TB drugs which he did not have. Why was it impossible to make the card and agreed to readmit him? Next he was Oliver Moyo at the Mortuary. The so… Read more »


Wheeew…this is Botswana, a productive nation, sisss!what a shame!


The mortuary attendants have std 7 education only. I bet they are the ones who made this mix up. Ke dumela gore o ne a biditswe go tla go tsaya moswi Kleinboy ko wardeng, e bo e re a tsena teng a hitlhela go sena leina mo moswing a bo a tsaya le le wetseng ha tlase ga bolao, a sa leba gore ke la ga mang. I want to verify whether the notes on Moyo’s records fit the condition of Klienboy, in which case by now mr Moyo should be poisoned by TB drugs if he does not have… Read more »


So, Tubeless who takes responsibility for bodiredi jo bongwe? Its funny that when we are not satisfied with the help ya the waiters ko di restuarant and shop assistants we always want to speak to the manager, but in this case we just blame the subordinates. Why cant we blame the management? The fact that bodiredi bo bongwe ke bone bothata, it means that the hospital is not doing fine!


@Tutu. In Botswana, I can honestly tell you that it is much better to blame the low cadres. In that way at least, the root of the problem can be identified and solutions found. Most of the time the management and I mean at political level are clueless about how these places are run. That’s why they can take a former police constable and make him minister of health,as it was with Lesedi Mothibamele back in the 90s.No offense to him or those related to him. Today there is a soldier managing each of our referral hospitals. What do they… Read more »




@mmamd.I feel you.Government/Private its all the same when it comes to cover ups and then wena you remain with so many questions.I,too have been going thru the same thing with someone close dats why i havent been around.People’s incompetence and lack of compassion can give you high blood pressure.


the reason y i hate hospitals is this..u’l neva knw if they will end ur life so short and quick and even giv u a name that belongs to some one….


sepatela sa sekgoma nowadays se dira go setse re tshaba go ya teng le fa re lwala.o yateng o tshela o bowa o sule.sumthing hv to be done b4 re fela.


@Ga le ise le sokole. Le santse le le mo monateng. At least the staff were courteous enough to call the family and inform them. It could have been worse. He could have been sent to a private mortuary with that Zimbabwean ID tag and never to be found again. Or worse still repatriated to be burried in Zim. The issue is the staff is demoralized. The government has hired people who don’t know what they are doing and refused to rehire the ones with experience. What do they care? They don’t even go to these hospitals when they are… Read more »


Sorry for the loss of ur loved ones, may his soul rest in peace. Elderly people have compromised immune system and treatable illnesses such as pneumonia could easily complicate into ARDS, respiratory failure and cor-pulmonale.Let’s not be quick to point fingers!!!


kwa thuso ya rona e le teng,fa go le mathata re ta siela kae weee……………


hei, tota mo gongwe ke ditiro tsa mmaba using innocent lyf to kill others. Mme gone um passing ma condolences.As pips in this world there are diff ways to encounter problems.


@tubeless the reality is that they never called us and informed about the name mistakes, infact when we got to the murtuary, the attendat said she did not have that name. There were only 2 corpses. When we went bk to the matron for our dad, they said Mr Klienboy is alive, that’s when everything became a mess. 1stly,the person certified dead was Moyo not Klienboy, and the murtuary attandat cannot certify someone dead, it is done by doctors. So who made the mistake? That corpe was taken to the murtuary as Oliver Moyo, and examined by Dr Nadan at… Read more »


@Mmamd I really feel sorry about this whole mix up. I can not defend anyone, especially the doctors. In fact if there is anyone to blame in this whole issue, is the doctors. All the patients that are admitted in any hospital, are directly under the care of the doctors. Any developments that arise with the regard to the patient, it is the sole duty and responsibility of the doctor to call the family and inform them right away. I tell you, in Europe this excuse that doctors make about the nurses not briefing them about patients, is a dismissable… Read more »

motho yoo le ene a bolawe




tota ga twe re siele kae?O re o ya dingakeng tsa setso ga twe o loiwa ke bo mmago ntswa ba sule,jaanong fa e le gore le bo doctor with no bones ba dira jaana nna ga ke itse!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey diz z so touching. kore I imagine situation ya to force my father to go to the hospital, the next thing..hee waitse cant hold [email protected] a modimo alo nee kagiso e e fiteleng tlhaloganyo ya motho, koore who eva responsible for all diz, ale gore Modimo intshwarele mo bothokong jwa gagwe a o kile a go dira?


aaah, waitse sekgoma yone ke sengwe hela, but sumhow neglegence of duty, ke sone se o bonang nna ke tshaba hozi jaana!


Mmualebe o bua la gagwe..but ke santse ke emetse letsatsi le tubeless a tla buang sengwe se se nang le boleng.