Doom and gloom
STREET BUSINESS: A money changer on the streets

Happiness is all too often short lived for the majority of Zimbos.

Whilst it is a one thing to be optimistic, it is foolish to ignore the reality.

Last November, the world joined Zimbabwe in celebrating the downfall of long time dictator, former president Robert Mugabe.

Many thought that with Mugabe gone, Zimbabwe would rise and return to its former glory.

However, with almost a year gone by, there is still no end in sight for the problems that have dogged the country for so long.

A few weeks back, many celebrated (including the column) when President Emmerson Mnangagwa named his new cabinet, which had fresh blood and technocrats.

The general feeling was that he had chosen the right people to help him steer the sinking ship for the good of the people – alas it is beginning to look like yet another false dawn.

While it is known that Zimbabwe’s deep-rooted woes can never be solved in one day, there should at least be an indication that things are changing for the better.

But no, we are actually moving five steps back!

Long winding fuel queues have resurfaced; prices of commodities are going up, some shops now only accept the elusive US dollar and cash is still not available at the banks.

As if that is not enough, on Monday the Finance Ministry announced the new monetary policy, which does not favour the ordinary many on the street.

Oh and by the way, reality has now sunk in that the US Dollar is no longer at par with the surrogate currency, which comes in the form of bond notes and coins.

The bond notes long lost their value against the dollar but the powers that be have been turning a blind eye to this realism. Only this week did they finally come to their senses just as the bond was sinking deeper against the green back.

In the recent past one would get around $160 bond notes for US$100 on the black market but this week it went up to almost $200 bond notes.

And while we still buy whatever we can in bonds, retailers need to restock by purchasing the goods mostly in South Africa using forex.

The useless bond notes only work in Zimbabwe so your guess is as good as mine as to where we are headed, back to the era of empty shelves and buying goods on the streets?

As already mentioned, some shops no longer accept any other forms of payment, it’s strictly the US Dollar which most people don’t have as we were long ‘forced’ to use plastic money since there is no cash to talk about.

Which brings me to the worst news this week.

The government, while announcing the monetary policy, increased charges for electronic transactions. Mobile money users will now be charged 2 cents for every Dollar transacted on top of the 5 cents flat charge, which was already in place.

In other words we are paying more for using plastic money as if we have a choice, yet this is a problem created by the very same people who are now hiking the taxes.

But while we complain and ‘cry’ about paying more for transacting, the powers that be are actually smiling because this is a wide revenue base for the government considering that more than 80 percent transactions are now done electronically.

Sad times indeed for poor Zimbos!

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Very sad that those thieving people who are supposed to be in charge are getting away with alot and getting VIP treatment and being pampwered whereever they go and making the ordinary people bear the brunt of their mismanagement and they are being allowed to chair very important organisations. If one reads international news the President of Interpol as had to resign because of corruption charges levelled against him he is being alleged of taking yes BRIBES ??


The big question is why has this mess been allowed to happen for the last 37+ years while those at the top walking around in their Savoy Tailored Suits, red carpets laid out of them , lavish banquets laid out for them , chauferred limosines laid out for them, and everyone pretending that all is well including those at SADC . SADC headquarters must take its fair share of the blame for just mingling with those at the top, puting on a hypocritical smile to tell everyone that all is well when it is not and not engaging with the… Read more »


” New Twist To Contaminated Bottled Water Saga October 5, 2018 Share By Own Correspondent| Water bottling companies reportedly tried to arm-twist the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) into disowning its report on tests carried out on the quality of their bottled water it has emerged. According to a local publication, the water bottling companies allegedly tried to get EMA to disown the report before they later claimed that the water did not belong to them. According to a report by EMA, laboratory tests showed that only 6 brands of bottled water out of 17 were safe for consumption while the… Read more »


“Pharmacies Close Doors As Zim Crisis Deepens October 9, 2018 Share NATIONAL NEWS Terrence Mawawa| Pharmacies in Masvingo have closed doors due to the worsening economic crisis in the country. Dr Takafariva Zhou went through a harrowing experience as he tried to purchase drugs for his mother yesterday. Below is Dr Zhou’s statement: Yes all the pharmacies in Masvingo have closed today. One closed its doors just as I wanted to get in to buy medication for my ill mother. Other areas will follow suit. Their argument is that it has become useless to sell medication using bond notes as… Read more »


“Zimbabwe’s central bank allowed its citizens to exchange the country’s almost worthless currency for US dollars. Its 100-trillion-dollar note is worth just 40 U.S. cents.(16 Jun 2015)


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The last sentence in this article should have been rephrased


“European Union observers say Zimbabwe election ‘fell short’ on fairness
11th October 2018 News Headlines, Top Story, Uncategorised

By AFP & Staff Reporter

ZIMBABWE’S first election since the ousting of Robert Mugabe did not meet international standards, European Union observers said on Wednesday in a report that raised a series of irregularities in the disputed vote.”


“EU Says ConCourt Ignored Chamisa’s Evidence October 11, 2018 Share Zimbabwe’s Constitutional Court disregarded evidence placed before it, the European Union Election Observer Mission (EU EOM) has said. Publishing its final report on the July 30 polls, the group said the Constitutional Court disregarded applicant, Nelson Chamisa’s evidence. The court insisted on the “best evidence rule” and yet in the past it had not demanded such. The EU said: “While the Court made extensive reference to the “best evidence rule” and repeated the need for the applicant to have produced “primary source evidence”, either from a recount or through an… Read more »


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“British Airways no longer accepting RTGS payments, only accepting credit cards British Airways no longer accepting RTGS payments, only accepting credit cards Published: 09 October 2018 (173 Views) British Airways has temporarily limited the distribution of ticketing authority meaning that the airline has stopped accepting real-time gross settlement (RTGS) transfers for the purchase of tickets. Instead, the airline is now accepting only credit cards after facing difficulties in the repatriation of foreign currency. In a letter dated 08 October 2018, the airline said, RE: BRITISH AIRWAYS operated by COMAIR TEMPORARY WITHDRAWAL OF FULL TICKETING AUTHORITY IN ZIMBABWE In light of… Read more »


“EU Observers Say Mnangagwa Literally Employs Chief Justice Malaba, And ED Unconstitutionally Changed The Laws To His Favour
October 10, 2018

By A Correspondent| The EU Observer mission today expressed that ZANU PF leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa has illegally changed the laws and he now has powers to appoint the Chief Justice and the Judge President, which effectively makes him their employer.”
Must be AU and SADC standards ???


” EU Says ZEC Lacked Independence, Transparency And Was Likely CIO Influenced
October 10, 2018

By A Correspondent|The EU Observer Mission today said the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) lacked independence and appeared to not always act in an impartial manner.

The EUOM also said ZEC’s independence was undermined by contestant, Emmerson Mnangagwa’s subordinate, Ziyambi Ziyambi’s Ministry of Justice.

“ZEC’s independence is, to some degree, undermined by the involvement of the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs in the approval of regulations adopted by the Commission,” they said.”

The ZEC have probably been doing this for the last 37+ years


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There are reports emerging that bread is being rationed to one per customer and a container of butter presumbably 1kg costs US$25?????


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According to this article SADC have not given a report – if they have not they should have been the first to give it before the EU as they have been quoted that they are being measured by AU and SADC standards “OPPOSITION MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has called for the international community to come to Zimbabwe’s rescue “and correct the election mischief” in the wake of a report by the European Union (EU) that claimed the July polls results could not be verified and that the vote did not meet international standards. BY RICHARD CHIDZA Chamisa told NewsDay yesterday… Read more »


One thing SADC needs to remember it has to be there for the ORDINARy people when they need their assistance and that includes those working at the SADC headquarters need to be there for the ORDINARy people


Global audience has had acccess to footage showing traders coming out at night on the street to sell their goods in the capital because the police are not patrolling and one trader says that they find goods in the shops very expensive and the title says it has become a country of “Vendors” one can just analyse that corruption is not being tackled correctly on the continent because those in power are not being arrested and assests frozen and monies returned to the coffers the Gupta Scenario in South Africa is a good example they should be returned to face… Read more »


This is the latest article on the Drug shortage whereby the ordinary man in the street cannot afford treatment outside but the people at the top get treatment outside which is wrong One would think the SADC region would come to the assistance of the ORDINARY people but it seems they are only there for those at the TOP who can seek treatment elsewhere “Dire drugs shortage in Zimbabwe leaves two top state officials seeking treatment in SA Vice-president Constantino Chiwenga and foreign affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo are both former army generals Zimbabwe’s vice-president and foreign affairs minister, who have… Read more »


When ordinary people want anything outside they cannot get inside, they are faced with issues at BORDER POSTS and they have to have the correct documentation with them to prove and the TOP ROT are whisked away.

It would be interesting how much it is costing them PER DAY to have medical treatment while the ORDINARY CITIZENS CANNOT ACCESS THE TREATMENT THE RICH AND POWERFUL ARE HAVING