‘Don't talk about my mum like that!'
FAMILY FEUD: Councillor Sebogodi claims her relatives are trying to sabotage her.


Family love was thin on the ground in Ramotswa recently, when a councillor’s son brutally beat up two female relatives for insulting his mother.

25-year-old Rorisan Matlhaku has been charged with assault for the vicious attack of his mum’s cousin, disabled Beatrice Makgwa and her daughter, Pono Makgwa, 25.

The hot-headed young man is said to have reacted angrily after hearing rumours the duo had been bad-mouthing his mum, BDP councillor, Semakaleng Sebogodi.

The two allegedly dismissed Sebogodi as an ex-convict with no chance of being re-elected in December’s up-coming primary elections.

The Makgwas supposedly also told people that Matlhaku was involved in a recent bar robbery that took place in the village.

Narrating her ordeal to The Voice, Beatrice, who recently underwent a hip operation, says Rorisang, “gave me numerous hot slaps, beat me with his fists and then kicked me.”

The part-time vendor, whose face is a patchwork of painful-looking purple bruises, claims her assailant deliberately targeted her injured hip, repeatedly stepping on it.

Chillingly, she believes Sebogodi ordered the attack, claiming Matlhaku told police officers as much when they confronted him.

“There is no reason Rorisang could have attacked me and my daughter, there is freedom of speech in Botswana.

“I still want to understand why I got beaten, many things are said about politicians but they never beat people for such. I am taking this matter to the magistrate court. I want to do x-rays and contact the family about my illness,” she said, wincing in agony due to the pain in her hip.

Sporting a badly swollen, puffy right eye, Pono insists she was nearly blinded by Matlhaku.

“To my surprise, he was only charged with assault, instead of being charged with trespassing, threat to kill and assault! He threatened that I won’t be able to sit for my exams – that is a death threat,” she said animatedly, gesturing angrily towards her injured eye.

Both women declined to be photographed in their battered state.

When contacted for a comment, Matlhaku answered his phone once, before cancelling the call when he discovered it was The Voice on the other side. His phone rang unanswered after that.

For her part Councillor Sebogodi denied sending her son to attack their relatives and described the incident as ‘political sabotage’.

“They do not want me to be voted again as a councillor, yet they are my family,” she said, before admitting it was no secret she had a criminal record, for an incident that happened 17 years ago.

“Yes, I was sent to prison back in the days for misusing the funds of the company I worked for – but it is not something that can be used to tarnish my name now,” she said.

Assistant Superintendent, Zibisane Mathumo confirmed the matter had been reported to Ramotswa police.

“We called the two families forth and the suspect was charged with assault,” he said.

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