Don't cartoon yourself

It is everyone’s right to sue if they feel their rights have been trampled upon.

However Selibi- Phikwe’s Member of Parliament, Dithapelo Keorapetse’s letter of demand to cartoonist, Jafta Serero, took Yours Truly by surprise, especially because Shaya has always considered Keorapetse to be an avid freedom of speech advocate.

Shaya is definitely no legal guru but its a no brainer that whoever advised the Honorable MP deliberately misled him so he could ‘eat’ the youthful MP’s money.

Shaya knows a number of people, one being former South African President, Jacob Zuma who took on the well-known cartoonist, Zapiro and lost.

Shaya is nonetheless waiting with bated breath to listen to the learned “Dr” Keorapetse trying to prove in court that he is indeed a cartoon.

Anyhow who is Shaya to say that if the shoe fits the good ‘Dr” mustn’t wear it.

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