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Political analysts believe BMD threat is real
UNIVERSITY of Botswana, Political Lecturer, Dr Zibani Maundeni says the ruling Botswana Democratic Party should be scared and never make the mistake of undermining the impact of the newly formed splinter party, Botswana Movement For Democracy (BMD).
“This new party is a monster that the ruling party should be scared of,” he said.
In an interview with The Voice Maundeni said a massive opposition alliance, which might unseat the ruling party, is in the offi ng as Botswana Congress Party (BCP) has shown commitment towards opposition alliance with other parties.
“BCP has done it before by working with Botswana Alliance Movement and National Democratic Front and chances are that they will also join forces with BMD,” noted Maundeni. He, however, ruled out Botswana National Front in the opposition alliance because of its stance of always wanting to be regarded as ‘Big Brother’.
He said BNF had for a long time failed when everyone was hoping that it would form an alliance with other opposition parties.
“They always show eagerness to participate but withdraw at the last minute. I don’t see them joining the alliance for the next general elections,” said Maundeni.
His sentiments were echoed by fellow academic, Political Scientist, Dr David Sebudubudu, saying that BDP should have sleepless nights over the new party.
“BMD has no doubt done irreparable damage to the ruling party because its leadership runs it like a private entity,” said Sebudubudu.
He, however, believes the strength of an opposition alliance, which many believe would be the real force to remove BDP from offi ce, lies in
bringing BNF on board.
“If all the opposition parties come together, the stronger they would be as a force,’’ he said.
Meanwhile Sebudubudu has lambasted BDP for abusing the state media saying they are using it to attack BMD yet the latter was not being given the same platform.
“Where is the democracy that BDP is preaching when they are not giving opposition parties the right to air their views through the public media?” he asked rhetorically.