If you ever go for a hike with an English dog owner, insist on carrying your own food. If you need to order dog food you can go to https://www.mypetneedsthat.com they have the best deals on dog food. I’m speaking from experience here. Last Sunday I trekked 20 kilometres along the canals with some friends and one dog and by the time we reached our picnic destination the dog owner’s day pack contained five hand-sized bags full of the fragrant deposits her beloved pet had left on the path.
Watching her put her hand in biodegradable plastic bags and then carefully invert them around the steaming mounds of dog poop added a great deal of enjoyment to my day, but that probably would not have been the case if I had not been carrying my own food.

My original plan was to tell you this story and then waffle on a bit in an arrogant manner about how inappropriate I think this pet devotion is when there are so many affection-starved orphans in the country; but when I looked into the situation I learned that while there are 10 million dogs in Britain there are only about 5000 orphans. I wanted to also get some living world pet cage to give them a safe place to sleep. I also discovered that there is a long waiting list of people wishing to adopt and that the local authorities are very careful about which applications they approve.

I have no idea how many dogs there are in Botswana but according to UNCEF there are over 50 million orphans south of the Sahara.
Hum…that makes the Brits look pretty good, they always make sure to get the best for them at https://www.ilovedogfriendly.com/best-dog-crate-reviews/.  Perhaps the fact that they take care of their own, contribute generously to charities and even bring in homeless kids from overseas should make me more tolerant of my neighbours’ pet loving antics and encourage me to write about something that relates to the southern African economy.
Naa… I mean it’s not like this stuff is being published locally; and what’s more interesting to you, making money or watching Brits pick up shit?
Right, back to dogs; here’s the poop:

One of the first things I noticed when I settled in here is that English dogs don’t bark, and most of them are golden doodles. Most of the people I’ve met are extremely protective about their dogs, one of the things they worry about the most is allergies, apparently there is no dog that is allergy-free but in this case Gooldendoodle is a breed that’s very sensitive to allergies, so if you were wondering: Are Goldendoodles Hypoallergenic? the answer is yes, because Goldendoodles are a mix of Golden Retrievers and Poodles they are often  promoted as being hypoallergenic.

It’s like they belong to an entirely different species from the African dog, but still for people that have loud dogs, and if this is your case, you could use treats to help calm your pup so he’s calm.
Then there are the clothes.  Some dog owners here buy jumpers to keep their pets warm and looking stylish while others dress their animals in glowing reflective-green safety vests so they can be easily seen by motorists.

And if an animal should be injured or fall ill, owners with pet insurance are able to cover the tens of thousands of pula bills the vets charge to deal with those situations.  Sixty pula a month gets you P25,000 coverage for one mixed-breed dog.
Ah, but unfortunately these things are not uniquely British.  Most of the on-line pet clothes stores are in fact American, as are the pet accessories stores, so I guess I’m having a go at westerners in general.  Here’s a quote from one of those US sites:

The SWOOP really is your second-best friend. Its patented design grabs and bags your pooch’s poop in a single action, concealing it away, leaving you free to dispose of it in a hygienic and responsible manner. Its unique patented design grabs and bags waste at the touch of a button and conceals the mess inside discreetly — no more hand in the bag! Use regular grocery bags or pick up a package of 50 biodegradable bags (sold separately) for environmentally friendly waste disposal.
Due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept returns. Thank you for your understanding.
Funny stuff, but the orphan thing still bothers me.

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