Home Sports Dodgy Eritrea Players Persuaded To Go Home

Dodgy Eritrea Players Persuaded To Go Home

Dodgy Eritrea Players Persuaded To Go Home
Eritrea players

After an intervention by Botswana Football Association Officials, 10 players from the visiting Eritrea National team agreed to board the bus enroute to Gaborone where they’ll board a 18:20 flight to Johannesburg.

The team missed the morning flight due to stand off as some players showed their desire to remain in the country.

Eritrea has a history of absconding whenever they are on national duty.  In 2012 17 players and a team doctor were reported to have absconded in Uganda.

Only 12 players returned from a shopping trip.

In 2010 after the CECAFA tournament in Tanzania 13 players from  Eritrea team disappeared only to reappear in Houston Texas under refugee resettlement programme in the United States.

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M Ngele

A re ba a mogeleng coz ba bangwe ha ba ka sugiwa they can be football stars


they should get asylum. please don’t send them back. the dictator isayas will kill them
may god with you brothers


plz let as take them


This is it. These immature & dishonest 10 players should be expelled from the team and allowed to leave the country ON THEIR OWN MONEY. For the time being, Eritrea should stop fielding players from local pool, period. There’s a reason 8 of the players are professionals from outside the country and there’s a reason Eritrea is focusing on players who are mature enough to GO BACK and play for their country FOR FREE!!


IKM, it seems you are immature in your Comments, and why do you need to comment of firing the players, they have already decided to decline playing for the NT….. before dropping this Comment, research why they are asking for asylum!…. no body always wishes to ask for asylum, it is a final and desperate decision.


This players shouldn’t be sent back as they went legally to Botswana so since they haven’t violeted any law the government should listen their side of the story and make a decision. They have all the right to ask asylum and it should be given.


I wish every other nation in Africa got the same chance as these guys to get free asylum anywhere. As we speak millions suffering from starvation and millions getting killed in the congo etc.. but only Eritreans get world wide auto asylum its mind boggling.


Take them in after all we are a compassionate and caring nation, if we don’t take them in it would be hypocrisy to our own goals and how we want the world o see us.



@Unkown since you are clueless on politics in Eritrea I don’t blame you calling me ‘immature’. At any rate, the players are claiming they’d be ‘court marshaled’ if they returned since they served in the Eritrean army, that’s their excuse for seeking asylum according to news & "lawyers". No human has ever been ‘court martialed’ in Eritrea, even the 2 generals accused of treason that have been in jail for 14 years have not been ‘court-martialed’. This is opportunistic economic migration and they are taking advantage of the fact the West is treating Eritrea (and likes of Zimbabwe) as if… Read more »


IKM whatever ur name i am sure u r not living inside ur country Eritrea. But u r a hypocrite who doesnt care about his people’s suffering. Young people r unable to live normal in Eritrea whether players or anyone else. But u r a lier just like those who used to support Derg regime and kill Eritreans. when time changes such people like u will pay for their doings.