BOSASNet and Baboneng Film Productions are in partnership to produce a six part docu-drama on the real life stories of the people of Botswana, in relation to substance abuse and the effects on their lives and those around them.
The vision: To inform the nation that there is a solution to substance use, abuse and dependency and we aim to educate the people of Botswana via the means of visual medium.
The Mission:To provide an inside look at the life of persons who have suffered from substance abuse and dependency and to give an objective perspective of the issues that arise from such instances.
Our Goal:
To share the stories of those that have lived with despair, hopelessness and pain, and how their lives have changed and it is possible to attain peace, hope and a life worth living.
We here at BOSASNet are looking for willing participants to voice a part of their life, a personal instance whereby substance use has affected their lives.
Confidentiality is key to this project and that at any time the participant will be anonymous yet the content of the story will portray the truth and filming of the participant will censored.
We are able to block out faces and distort voices to maintain the persons anonymity.  The participants personal means of recovery will not be disclosed (ie treatment centres, and programs etc.)

A re-enactment of the story/events by actors
An interview with the participant of how they felt about those situations and how their life is today.  Also to show that there is hope and that better standard of living can be achieved.
Then a message from the interviewer.
We truly appreciate any participation for the help of others. If you can help us and would like to share your story confidentially please contact Jason Down on +267 7265 9891 or email [email protected]

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