Last Thursday, in the morning, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was at Princess Marina Hospital when he heard a conversation among frustrated patients in the doctor’ s waiting room.

MAN IN GRAY CAP: This female doctor is taking us for granted. She took a break at 10 o’clock and now it’s 11:30. How in the world does someone drink tea for one hour and 30 minutes?

LADY IN BROWN SHIRT: Since this morning she has been leaving her consultation room from time to time to talk to the other doctor.

You wonder what it is they are talking about. Doesn’t she realize that she is distracting the other doctor from doing her job?

MAN IN GRAY CAP: That’s the greatest problem with Batswana.

They never take their duty seriously. The next thing they complain that they are sidelined when it comes to promotion.

If it were a foreign doctor, we would have long been attended to.

MAN IN SLEEVELESS SAFARI JACKET: I wish I knew where to find her supervisors to ask for an explanation.

LADY IN BROWN SHIRT: That would be a waste of time. These are civil servants remember, they are all the same!

Her boss would probably defend her and rumble on about how they are overworked and underpaid, blah blah. What a pathetic bunch!

The conversation ends abruptly as the man in a gray cap asks a passing by nurse if he could see the doctor’s supervisor to lodge a complaint.

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