Seduke, a businessman, had proposed and friends interviewed at the funeral said the young doctor was ecstatic.

“She had already asked for a quotation for her wedding dress from renowned international fashion designer, David Tlale, when suddenly things went bad,”

Her friend, Lesego Leburu said Another  close friend who spoke at the funeral, Doctor Lesego Kuate described Dr.Jakoba as a young woman  who had a taste for fashion and  a high life.  Leburu further revealed that  on the  day she hanged herself, Dr Jakoba sent  messages to many of her friends and family including herself.
To Leburu she sent a message which said, ‘I have just heard some shocking news! Very horrible.’’

A LIFE CUT SHORT: Dr Tshegofatso jakoba's coffin about to go down

A few  minutes after receiving the above message,Leburu got a phone call that notified her of her  best friend’s suicide. “She killed herself at around 6pm” she said. Dr Jakoba’s cousin, Morgan Porati described her as  a very intelligent girl who was good at hiding emotions with a smile and lacked patience.

Meanwhile the mood at the funeral was characterized by tension between the Seduke and Jakoba families as the doctor’s  parents did not even acknowledge that Teezha was their daughter’s fiancé  Dr Jakoba  studied dental medicine at the Charles University, Prague in Czech Republic and graduated in 2009.

She worked at Scottish Livingstone and Marina hospitals before she opened her own clinic. She leaves behind her parents Mogomotsi and Goitsemang Jakoba and two brothers.

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sorry … sad loss


shem tota waabo ane a utlwile gotweng batho??… shes super pretty as well, sad indeed

We need to be more vigilant with our loved ones, and let them know that they have support that they can always call upon. This upset, that Dr Jakoba felt, would have been temporary, and she could have survived with dignity. Now the world has lost a great talent.


Eish tota ngwana yo montle jaana bathong… Agg, ga go fair. Tota monna yoo le ene o ne o a morileng!!? O na le mokgwa monna yo le ene. gompieno jaana re latlhegetswe ke mogaka. May her soul REST IN PEACE.


Very sad story indeed; May her soul rest in peace.

mis o

A modimo a segofatse ba lelwapa le ditsala tsa gagwe. . .e le ruri re latlhegetswe ke mogaka jaaka mongwe a setse a buile,go tla siama le fa tota go tla tsaya nako gore go amogelwe se se diragetseng. . .REST IN PEACE!!


This is a very sad story. It goes to show that no matter how educated you are or your staus in life, you can still commit suicide. I am not sure that the family of the deceased need this kind of publicity as they deal with their loss. I also think it is grossly unfair to the business man who now carries the stigma of having driven this girl to commit suicide. My sincere advice to my sisters is; please remember that being jilted is part of life and not worth dying for. This girl could have easily found Mr… Read more »


People do not really understand how it feels to become a prisoner of your own mind you can understand how it feels unless you go through it all I can is my condolences to the family in life try knowing someone from their inner part even though its not easy to know someone completely Rest in peace only you know what the horrible thing you heard was.May the lord forgive you and not fosake you but give you peace……………


i bet the Fiancee knows and he is hiding the details pretending to be hurt….mxm,rest in peace Dr.


OMG…Tshego, she used to be headgirl back in the days ko junior school, real bright lady, so sad in indeed, Rest in peace angel


Go tlhomola pelo tota go latlhegelwa ke motho ka tsela e ntseng jaana. Fela Batswana, bagolo ba sale ba buile bare; motho kgole ya pula ea bofologa” ke tseela gore we know it in life that dilo di kgona go senyega month tseleng. May her soul rest in peace!


we ‘ll miz u ma cousin!!! sorry for wht happnd!!


Its a pity she went to the grave with the “shocking news” She looks so fragile, rest in eternal peace.



mathata a nna ale teng mo lefatshing no matter what, challenges are there. there is where we can find our answers. IN THE BIBLE.go ipolaya is not the answer. go through that problm and at last you will be a winnwer in christ. mathata ke gore batho ga ba itse is painful to loose a child like ths 1, but let us not fgt that God is the answer.sorry, sorry please look to GOD.

roy wa ga sesana

@Thabsdk lenna ke belaela jalo ntsalaka ke sone se go tweng batsadi ba ga Dr Jakoba did not acknowledge that he is the fiance.Mme e kare o kabo a ne a sa ipolaya waitse,hae o ka ipotsa gore ke dikgang tefe tse di bosulasula tse a di utlwileng pele a itseela botshelo.A kgotsa monna yoo o ne a nyetse kgotsa a utswile madi a gagwe otlhe or he just said i dont want to marry you anymore,the when she thought of the expenses so far and the ivitations,she thought its too much.Rara ke mmoeledi wa gago mma,tsotlhe di tla tswela… Read more »


@malaakatse…that is why in some religions ppl celebrate fa motho a ya maotwana hunyela, gore o dule mo mathateng a lefatshe. But the fact is we all have to face all the challenges life brings our way, n fight them with all that we have. Fa o sa kopane le mathata oa bo o sa tshele.


waitse i wish ke kabo ke kgona go bona gore mang o planner eng? kae? nako mang? ka nnete teemane ena e ka bo e santse e le teng. GOMOTSEGANG BOORA-JAKOBA. Rest In Peace Madam. WAITSE RURI!!!!

R I P. we feel for the family.they say time is the healer. but God is the greatest healer. As for the fiance and the family we would not draw any conclutions or critics,atleast it is not the best time for that DIS e teng,unless he promise to hang himself and continue the mariage in heaven.

Chris M

It is suggested by The Voice that there is something simmering between these two families and it may have led to this tragedy. The question is what and who is the culprit? If it was the guy, could she not have talked to her own family? What if she loved him and her family didn’t approve of him? It would be good for the journalist to go back and find out more if they are willing to talk. It might help everyone including these families to learn to let people be happy and support them! It’s sad this!