Docksie chases stardom

Kwasa singer releases Peo Yame

Up-and-coming Kwasa Kwasa artist Docksie has released her eagerly anticipated debut album, ‘Peo Yame’.

The sassy 26-year-old is confident the six-track LP will take her career to the next level.

“’Peo Yame’ means my seed, I used a hidden Setswana. What is literally meant by ‘Peo Yame’ is women who chase after people’s husbands. The song’s message is that as women, we should resist from taking others’ husbands or boyfriends,” explained the Mahalapye native, who was born Sedireng Mataopana.

As well as the title track, the album, which was recorded and mastered at More Records Studio in Palapye, includes songs such as ‘Kgomo le Namane’, ‘Sejamadi’, ‘Monate Fela’, ‘Botswana’ and ‘Jutase o le Menemene’.

“‘Kgomo le Namane’ is about a man who marries a woman together with the step-daughter with the intention of sleeping with the poor child as the ‘assistant’ for the mother,” revealed Docksie, adding ‘Sejamadi’ tells the story of men who are loaded but have no intention of getting married as they want to enjoy their cash.

“‘Monate fela’ explains that when Docksie is around it’s time for fun and dance. ‘Botswana’ points out that our country is a peaceful one but with low quality education. The song encourages parents and teachers to stand up for their children’s education with the government’s assistance.

“The last one ‘Judas o le Menemene’ is a church song because I go to church a lot,” said the singer, who is well known for her energetic, nimble dance moves.

“I liked dancing from a younger age. In 2012 I danced for Slizer; even today she is still my role model. I also danced for Kelly Jess and Tumza,” revealed Docksie, who stressed she is in the music industry because it is her passion and not for competition.

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