The amount of break-ins is escalating. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to make your home as criminal proof as possible.

Last week we covered the outside of the house – this week the inside. The first thing is to make unwanted entry into the house as difficult as possible. Begin with leaving the light on in your lounge. Criminals HATE
light, they never want to enter into a lit room.

Almost all break-in’s enter through the lounge. If the light is on they will think twice about entering because they will not be sure if everyone is asleep or not and they don’t want to be seen. If they do decide to try to enter your home make it as difficult as possible for them. If you cannot afford gates in front of your doors make sure there is a dead bolt on the door and reinforce the door frame as best you can.

If they do get into your house make sure that they have to make a lot of noise doing so. This will hopefully wake you and give you time to react – call someone, sound your air horn. Put as many barriers between yourself and the criminals aspossible. If you can, have a gate or at least another door put in at the end of the hallway where all the bedrooms are.

Also, lock yourself into your bedroom when you go to sleep. Again, the attempt to get into your bedroom will be loud enough to wake you and afford you time to react to the situation. As your last, and most potent line of defense, have a can ofpepper spray next to your bed (next to the air horn).

Avoid clubs, pipes, or machetes. Go with the pepper spray. Here’s why: chances are it will probably be three or more criminals trying to attack you. You may get in one good swingwith a club but afterwards the other ones are going to take it and possibly use it on you. Pepper spray will almost instantly disable all your attackers, and they will remain that way for up to an hour. More than enough time for you to get help for you and your family.

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