Do you know about STEALTHING?

In its daily service provision Botswana Gender Based Violence Prevention & Support Centre encounters diverse issues that are experienced in intimate relationships.

Stealthing is one of reported cases which is defined as Non-consensual condom removal, is the practice of one sex partner covertly removing a condom, when consent has only been given by the other sex partner for condom-protected safer sex.

This is a violation of the consent given by the other partner as they did not consent to unprotected sex.

Stealthing also exposes the intimate partners to contacting sexually transmitted infections, HIV and unplanned pregnancies.

It also lead to mistrust by other partners and can sometimes lead to conflicts in sexual relationships.

Therefore, one need to get tested when one partner practices stealthing to ensure that their health is well.

Short Questionnaire;

Question 1: Are you aware of the practice of stealthing?

Question 2: Is it really a form of sexual abuse or not?

Question 3: Why should one get tested for sexually transmitted infections after stealthing has been practiced?

Go to our facebook page (Kagisano Society Women’s Shelter) to answer the above questions.

Botswana GBV Center Contacts:

Physical address/Clinic; plot 6062/3 Broadhurst Tshimotharo

Land Line: 3907659

24hour cellphone: 74265081

Help line: SMS “HELP” to 16510

Facebook page: Kagisano Society Women’s Shelter

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