Cresta Marang Hotel gardens in Francistown were a hive of activity last Saturday when renowned disc jockey (DJ) Gouveia (Oupa Mutasa) and his entourage invaded the premises for his (DJ Gouveia) wedding.

It is at this venue that the popular Radio Botswana (RB) 2 radio personality entered into consecrated matrimony with his sweetheart, Chantelle Mutasa nee Apadile.

The wedding attracted a large contingent of celebrities in the likes of Voice reporter, Daniel Kenosi, another radio personality in the form of the most celebrated DJ Sly (Sylvester Ntshinogang) alongside Thabo Bolokwe (T.H.A.B.O).

DJ Gouveia’s invited guests came in their droves to witness the lovely couple exchanging vows at the hotel situated on the evergreen and magnificent banks of the flowing Tati River. The couple’s wedding was blessed by Reverend Ramotshabi of the Saint John Apostolic Church.

The never-revealed wedding planner made sure the ceremony looked fabulous and stylish. It appears that the secret wedding planner also brought along the make-up artist as both the groom and bridegroom looked fresh throughout the day.

29-year-old DJ Gouveia, who was born and bred in Francistown, met his other half in 2010 at the same hotel hence the decision to host their wedding ceremony.

After dancing non-stop to the tunes of popular love songs, guests were treated to the formality of exchanging vows.

First was DJ Gouveia, who explained how much he loved Chantelle. It was at this moment that he nearly shed tears as he expressed his deepest love for Chantelle.

“You came at a time when I thought that love did not exist,” said DJ Gouveia, not failing to mention that Chantelle saved his love life when it had all-but reached a dead end following a number of disappointments.

“I love you beyond repair. My wish is that this relationship will be enjoyed even after death,” said the soft-spoken radio personality before kissing his bride.

WE DO: Newly weds Gouveia and Chantelle
WE DO: Newly weds Gouveia and Chantelle

For her part, Chantelle expressed how she cherishes being part of the Mutasa family. Leaning on DJ Gouveia’s chest, Chantelle behaved like a child resting on its mother’s arms to keep warm during winter.

“I will make you an admirable man. You are everything to me. And I would never want to lose you,” said the Bachelor of Science (Bsc) Computer Programming holder.

On Sunday, stringent Kalanga tradition was followed in facilitating the final leg of the marriage.

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