Dj Bob G donates to prisoners
GOOD SAMARITAN: DJ Bob G donating toilet papers.

Modiri Ronaldo Marotsi, known as DJ Bob G, last week donated 200 bundles of toilet paper to inmates at Francistown Gerald Center of Illegal Immigrants.

Marotsi said that the 200 bundles of toilet paper worth P1000.00 were bought at Tran’s wholesalers in Francistown.

He said he chose to donate to the prisoners because some of them do not have relatives who visit them and help with toiletry.

“I did not donate because I have relatives at the centre. I just know that one day God will bless me. And it does not mean when someone is in prison they should be looked down upon and be isolated. They are still our brothers and sisters and the bible says do not judge,” Marotsi said.

The young man from Makaleng village says he is inspired by President Seretse Khama Ian Khama’s principle of giving to the less priviledged.

“The president of Botswana is my role model as he is looking after his people and always donates blankets, food and goes to the extent of building houses for the less privileged,” he said.

Marotsi further stated that he received a warm welcome at the centre for illegal immigrants where the prisoners are kept and that even though he did not have time to meet with them, he was glad to have done something for them.

After donating to the prisoners Marotsi went on to donate 10 plastic chairs to Robert Chivumbulu, a tailor at Monarch location

Speaking in an interview with The Voice, Marotsi said he works as a Dj at Dzimanyota bar every weekend in Francistown at White city location.

He concluded the interview by thanking artists such as Robbie Ryder, Dj Boyo and his manager Khaulani Karter Mbuyo for the advice they always give him.

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