Dive in: a practical guide on going deeper into the bible

Ashley Thaba to launch her Bible study guide book this weekend

The Bible is a book you can’t ignore. To some it provides inspiration and wisdom.

To others it’s a great work of literature, a poetic masterpiece to be dissected and analysed and yet to others it’s a Holy book, which provides practical answers on how to connect with God and a guideline to living a fulfilling life.

But with all that said, the Bible with its many parables and figures of speech, not to mention versions with Old English language has never purported to be an easy book to read and understand.

And that’s where Ashley Thaba’s ‘Dive In, A practical Guide on Going Deeper into the Bible,’ comes in.

Designed to help you systematically study the Bible, which many, especially newly converted Christians might find intimidating, the author has searched the Scriptures to explain why we need to study the Bible and how we can do it.

Although the irony of it is that Thaba has written a book to emphasize the need to read the Bible instead of books about the Bible, by the time you are done with ‘Dive In,’ you would be able to apply her principles to studying the book to any other book you choose to.

Starting with an introduction on why we need to study The Bible, followed by a chapter on Thaba’s personal journey as a missionary from America to Africa, (who doesn’t like personal stories) Thaba shares many inspiring anecdotes of how Bible studies have changed lives and contributed to church growth both in America and in Francistown in particular where she has lived and worked before.

The author then proceeds to provide a brief summary of all the 66 books of the Bible and their level of complexity categorized into beginner, intermediate and Advanced, which a new believer would find intriguing but, which an old believer can simply skip over if he/ she wishes and dive in to the meaty part in Chapter four, which is the actual Bible study section, ideal for both individuals and Bible Study Groups.

Thaba’s emphasis on not overspiritualising the Holy book, bearing in mind that it is about real historical accounts of events that took place and letters to real people is refreshing.

Pertinent questions are answered in the study such as, “What does it look like every day as I seek to follow Christ?

How do I stop worrying about my life? How do I explain the trinity? Are the people in my church truly saints and many more others.

On May 26 at Exclusive Books at River walk Mall from 10-2:00, Thaba will be doing a book signing where you can also buy a copy of this life transforming book for P100.


Ashley is an American who has been blissfully married to a Motswana, Percy Thaba, for 14 years. She moved to Botswana in 2000 and worked with the government schools in Francistown teaching the Bible and abstinence.

It was during this time that she met her husband.

Her skill set is wide range and covers a lot of topics.

She is a published author and motivational speaker mainly specializing in offering practical advice to strengthen families.

Ashley has written three books, Conquering the Giants, Healthy Eating Cookbook and Dive In.

Conquering the Giants was the heart wrenching story of her son’s traumatic birth.

Dive In is an in depth practical Bible Study guide.

The cookbook offers a 10 day meal plan, a detailed outline of what to feed the family from 6 months onwards, and lots of recipes complete with pictures and where the ingredients can be bought in Botswana.

She is a contributing author to three different Chicken Soup for the Soul books, which have sold millions around the world.

She has also been widely published in various magazines and online publications throughout the years.

Ashley has successfully offered training to many people in the following areas:

Marriage Advice

She and her husband are open about very specific things they have done well and not so well and how they are intentional about making their marriage work.

They are passionate about equipping others with specific skills to help their marriages be a source of daily joy.

She has written an article for the Gazette and spoken on this topic multiple times on Gabz FM.

She and her husband have also lead many marriage seminars and retreats around Gabs as well as offered individual pre-marital/marital counseling to many couples.

Parenting Advice

She offers practical guidance on every topic dealing with parenthood from discipline, diet, sleep, building good relationships and foundations in your children, etc.

She has spoken on this subject for RB2 and Gabz FM many times as well as having written an article for the Sunday Standard on the topic and most recently the Telegraph did a full page feature article detailing her parenting journey as well.

Families seek her parenting advice daily through her Facebook page Mom to Mom: Parenting Consultations which has a following of almost 3000 people.

She is also frequently invited to baby showers, wedding showers, Pre-schools, churches and other events to speak on various parenting topics.

Financial Advice

She teaches on budgeting, dealing with finances in marriage so that money doesn’t become a marital problem, gives tips on how to save and use money wisely drawing on her personal experience with practical examples.

She has spoken on the topic of finances twice on RB2 and RB1.

Gardening Advice

In her very small yard in Phakalane, she grows countless fruits and vegetables and she has created a garden that is pretty self-sustaining based on some organic methods she uses to get nature to do the work for her.

People come to her for tips on how to grow their food in their backyard to cut down on the grocery bill and eat healthier food.

She has spoken on this subject on Gabz FM.

Additionally, the Kalahari Conservation Society has sought permission to publish a composting article from her to encourage their readers with practical tips on conserving our valuable land.

Pre-Natal Advice

After a tragic birth of her son, she learned firsthand what to do and what not to do when it comes to giving birth and dealing with babies.

She has taught countless women on a myriad of issues surrounding birth and the first year of a baby’s life.

She has taught countless classes to at least 100 ladies in Gabs on pre-natal issues.

She also wrote a book, Conquering the Giants, which did extremely well on the topic of her son and how she and her husband dealt with the tragic birth incident.

Every radio station in the city and most newspapers covered the book extensively through interviews and front page articles.

Educational Advice

After successfully homeschooling her children for now 5 years, she has become a woman that others frequently seek to get advice on how to either supplement their children’s education or actually teach them from their personal homes.

She offers very practical advice to individuals and has even been sought after from the Ministry of Education for her ideas.

Gabz FM did a one hour live interview with her and BTV’s First Issues aired a 30 minute interview with her on the subject of homeschooling which was well received with a lot of interest from the community.

The link to that interview is:

Health Advice

Ashley is a certified ACE Personal Trainer and also certified as a Silver Sneakers Instructor.

ACE is a world renowned fitness certification which is very comprehensive in teaching its trainers all about anatomy, physiology, nutrition, health risks, exercise techniques and more.

Silver Sneaker Instructors go through a training which helps them specifically design and execute exercise programs for older people with more health risks.

Due to her Personal Training knowledge and experience, parents go to her for advice on how to better feed their families – which lead her to write a 100 page cookbook outlining in detail how to eat healthier as a family.

Mothers also seek her out for tips on how to get their bodies in better shape, especially after child bearing.

She has taught numerous fitness classes and worked with many ladies personally to help them become healthier.

Communication and Conflict Resolution

Ashley is a seasoned communicator and excels at conflict resolution.

She has taught various classes where she outlines very specifically how to better communicate for more efficiency in the work place and at home.

She and her husband credit good communication and conflict resolution skills to helping them have the healthy marriage they enjoy.

Spiritual Guidance and Biblical Teaching

Ashley’s degree from Furman University was in religions of the world.

Additionally, she did full time ministry for 15 years (9 years in USA, 2 years in Botswana, and 4 years in Canada) before deciding to stay at home with their 3 children full time during their formative years.

This has led her to be a sought after teacher on Biblical and spiritual issues.

She is a respected leader in Open Baptist Church and has recently published her latest book, Dive In, which is an in depth guide to practically reading the Bible.

Her desire is to explain to people how to read the Bible so they can enjoy the abundant life their created them to have.

She is currently speaking at various churches around Gabs about her latest book and ultimately encouraging believers to study and follow God’s word more.

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