Divas empowers women businesses

A DIVAS Empowerment Brunch Seminar (DEBS) last week encouraged women to uplift themselves and see challenges as stepping stones to enhance their strength and character in business.

The purpose for the seminar was also to provide a networking platform for women in business, facilitate mindset change among women towards handling challenges in life and provide a platform of interaction among each other in order to grow their businesses.

The inspiring seminar was characterised by presentations from various speakers who shared their experiences with other delegates.

Among the speakers, one of the motivational speakers, Dikeledi Osadi Ontumetse, noted that for one to prosper in business they should have faith and the market place.

“Once you have faith it means you believe in the idea you have, being the seed and that once planted it will not only grow but bear fruits. You will have the confidence and should not give up. If you do not build it no one can do it for you,” noted Ontumetse.

She further encouraged the business women to understand their mission as it will guide them in changing their position to achieve their goals and also to be mature enough to handle the position for success and challenges that may come up.

In an interview on the sidelines of the seminar, Matshidiso Madiile who operates a boutique at Main mall that sells Peruvian weaves, ladies shoes and bags said business comes out from passion which everyone has and it is important for one to increase their salary to avoid challenges that they can face if retrenched from work.

The seminar which attracted 56 women had some showcasing their products including fashion dresses, pottery, hand crafts and an assortment of juice.

DIVAS founder, Bantle Pretty Zachariah said DEBS 2017 is an introductory seminar of what is intended to be an annual event.

“The event shall endeavor to keep up with the times and address current issues affecting women,” she said.

Zachariah said she will also travel to different areas to motivate other business women and her hope is that those without businesses will plan to do something from what they achieved.

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