Dithubaruba relocates

Cultural festival to be held at Molepolole Sports Complex

The 12th annual Bakwena cultural festival, known as Dithubaruba, will be held on the 1st September at Molepolole Sports Complex.

According to the event’s curator, Power Kawina, they proposed the stadium because their traditional home, Ntsweng Heritage Site is currently off-limits due to the ongoing construction of Ntsweng Amphitheatre.

He further said they also felt that the stadium offers more security and has enough light for evening activities.

“The sports complex is spacious and conducive as it provides a similar set-up to the Ntsweng Heritage Site (Ga Mmakgosi) where the event is usually held,” Kawina explained, adding he was confident that the ticketing system would leave no room for illegal entry into the premises.

Speaking to Voice Entertainment recently, the brains behind the brand revealed they are expecting visitors from Namibia, Bakwena from Polokwane, Bakwena ba ga Kgari from Limpopo, Baphokeng and Baphalane.

“For now I promise there will be close to 20 different groups that will be performing during the event. I cannot disclose their names as they are yet to sign contracts,” he said.

The event will also give a platform to local exhibitors, as well as small medium catering businesses with stalls selling different kinds of cuisine.

There will also be corporate stalls present, which will be sold for P500 for a table of 10.

Kawina revealed there will be no free food at this year’s event, with the P120 entry fee not including meals as food will be sold from various stalls.

To add to the activities, there will be a Dithubaruba Fun Walk on the 11th August, which starts at 6am from the museum to the heritage site.

There will also be Dithubaruba symposium held at University of Botswana on the 23rd August at 9am followed by a public lecture on the 29th August at Bakwena main kgotla, which will include the hierarchy of the chiefs, the wards, their establishment and how they relate.

Kawina encouraged the general public to attend in large numbers to promote cultural tourism around the district.

Tickets will be available at Web Tickets from the 1st July.