Dissecting the BDP’s woes

Following the instability and unrest that has rocked the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) recently, The Voice’s DANIEL CHIDA spoke to a number of respected political analysts to get their views on what the future could hold for the country’s ruling party.

Dr Dama Mosweunyana

BDP is heading for a second split; if President Mokgweetsi Masisi wins or loses the party will split. Already those supporting his challenger, Pelonomi Venson Moitoi, will never gain Masisi’s trust.

The current situation is not only going to affect the BDP but the country at large because there is already the north versus the south system which comes along tribal lines.

The cause of all that is the belief by some party members who think they have an upper entitlement over others. The history of the party shows that it started as Bangwato National Party hence the slogan, ‘Yarona le bana barona.’

Some leaders feel that letting someone from the south run the country would be a suicidal thing as it belongs to Bangwato.

However, some of the BDP’s problems stem from a secret agreement that was made but never fulfilled and now with the new leadership, there is fear that some people will not be protected.

Someone violated the agreement and it is a question of, ‘Will he protect us in case he wins elections?’

The country is under threat because no one knows what is going to happen. People tend to believe in former Commanders even if they don’t do things the right way.

Leonard Sesa


It is high time for Masisi to realise the limit to the powers he has.

He must crack the whip and stop being lenient.

We have seen in the past where people like the late Gomolemo Motswaledi and co got suspended from the party for five years, he must act up and do the same.

Time is running out and people are confused by what is happening. As a leader he must stand up and show his leadership qualities.

He must also drop all the BDP primary elections losers from cabinet and appoint those who are pro him. He must act now!

From the look of things, former President, Ian Khama is sponsoring everyone who is against Masisi and he has some financial backing.

If he does not postpone the July party congress, a motion of no confidence is likely to come-up at the congress and there will be a fight.

Khama will not let this go; he wants Masisi out and will use all means to make that happen.

This is the time for all the BDP members to accept the situation in which they find their party and come out and help.

Professor Motsumi Ndala Marobela

What is happening at the BDP is good for the country. It is time for the opposition to wake up and show Batswana that indeed they are capable of running this country.

The BDP is on the brink of a split and the opposition must use that opportunity to tell Batswana what they can do.

There has been lot of corruption that has happened, forcing Batswana to live in poverty. Fuel prices are high because of what happened with the National Petroleum Fund and the opposition must tell Batswana that.

There have been reports of Masisi threatening to bring some documents regarding John Kalafatis’s gruesome killing; no he won’t do that because he was part of the same government that murdered him! Bringing those files will compromise the security of the country, so the opposition must not bank on that.

We all know that there was a secret agreement between the two (Masisi and Khama) but Masisi must concentrate on his rule and lead the country.

We want to know his roadmap more than anything. There have been rumours of him calling elections earlier than October as expected and also postponing the BDP congress.

He must not do that because it would show his weakness. That will not only show that he is weak but that he is a dictator.

He has already shown his weakness by dropping Moitoi from cabinet, a move he was not supposed to make.

However, the UDC must engage AP since people are looking for a solid opposition.

Do not undermine AP because it is minority, UDC need it in order to take power!

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