The Director General of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS)  Isaac Kgosi this morning told the probing Public Accounts Committee (PAC) that he actually did not have to write a letter to request for variation of the National Petroleum Fund (NPF) millions.

Kgosi told the packed PAC session that because the money had already been approved to them he did not have to ask for variation of the initial  P230M transfered from the NPF to their account.

Kgosi said that he only did so because he thought it would be proper for “Transparency”.

“I only wrote that letter, which is classified, for the sake of transparency. I actually did not have to ask for variation because the funds had already been approved to us,” he said. Kgosi later added that if he knew it would cause “this fracas” he would not have written the letter.

The DIS boss was a sworn witness before the PAC bench for his alleged involvement in the “misuse” of the NPF monies.

Kgosi is said to have directed and allegedly pressured the then acting Permanent Secretary (PS) Obolokile Obakeng into agreeing to redirect the funds into what he said was an urgent national security threat.

For his part, the Alliance for Progressive (AP) President Ndaba Gaolathe put it to the DISS top man that he ought to have sought the indulgence of the Central Intelligence Committee if there was ever an issue of national security.

To which Kgosi answered “I make a national threat assessment report once a year, if the report is approved then there is no need for me to go back to the committee for approval.”

The review with Kgosi will continue next week after a failed quorum by the PAC members.
Meanwhile Kgosi refused to read out some of the documents put to him by the committee maintaining that they were classified. Kgosi advised the PAC to make efforts to declassify the documents should they want to use them as evidence.

The DISS boss further assured the public that the DISS is not a monster and that he is not above the law.

This is after the former Minister of Minerals Resources Green Technology and Energy Security Sadique Kebonang led evidence that senior government officials including himself were afraid of the DISS.

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