FILE PIC: Drunk driving motorist

A police cover up was exposed in court last Thursday when a drunken driving case involving a security agent and a civilian revealed an apparent sinister plot to conceal evidence against the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) agent.

It is alleged that a DISS vehicle driven by Galani Nnandzwa collided with that of a civilian, Tapiwa Ndwapi, but no charges have been laid against the security agent while Ndwapi has been arraigned before court.

An Extension II Magistrates court last week  heard that the road accident occurred at night in November 2015, in front of Avani hotel in Gaborone.

The DISS agent had allegedly been driving his VW Jetta with lights off and consequently collided with Ndwapi’s Isuzu bakkie which was making a turn into the hotel.

Both drivers, Nnandzwa and Ndwapi tested positive for alcohol.

Breathalyzer results indicated that both had taken one too many for the road but Ndwapi was charged and arraigned before court while the DIS officer’s case was swept under the carpet.

“The case is still with the prosecution unit and as of now I do not know its status,” explained the investigating officer,” Constable, Seleke of Gaborone Central Police traffic department.

The case, according to the State, was whether or not Ndwapi was negligent, failed to apply the expected degree of carefulness, attentiveness and thus failed to yield to a vehicle with right of way and as a result caused the accident.

In court Nnandzwa was seemingly at pains trying to explain how the accident happened and contradicted the investigating officer’s claim that he had a good vision when he collided with the other vehicle.

He revealed in his evidence that they are allowed to drink while on duty.

He added that as part of their operation, they are allowed to drink and drive so that they can fit in and disguise under cover.

“In our work, we are sometimes permitted to drink alcohol while on duty so that we can do our work. When you are sober, it is not easy to do the surveillance operation. Sometimes we disguise by drinking so that we can bust criminals,” Nnandzwa had explained.

The court is yet to decide whether or not Ndwapi has a case to answer.

Most of the evidence given before court by the prosecution was based on what the DISS agent had told them as Ndwapi has since refused to give a statement.

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