PASTOR: Mooketsi Lesole

* Sex starved pastor found guilty of indecent assault

A disgraced fire church pastor, Mooketsi Lesole has been found guilty of indecent assault against a schoolgirl.

The incident happened three years ago when pastor Lesole of Eagle Nest Church forcibly fondled a 18- year old church member.

He pounced on the young victim during a pastor’s visit to the schoolgirl’s home.

Village Magistrate, Mompati Taolo convicted Lesole after yearlong trial.

Speaking after judgment was delivered, the now 21- year- old victim said she still finds it difficult to interact with men even at her new congregation after leaving Eagle Nest Church.

Her voice betraying raw emotions, the young woman spoke of how she still gets flashes from her ordeal as if it happened yesterday.

” I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I can still smell him and hear his voice. It was after 3pm on that day and I was alone at home in Gaborone West,” she said as she narrated her ordeal.

Further re-living the past she said, “He had been to the house before to visit my brother so he was not a stranger. He asked for water, which I gave him and when I turned away to go back to the kitchen I saw his shadow but it did not occur to me that he could do anything to harm me.”

To her surprise however, the pastor then locked the house and followed her to the kitchen, where he grabbed her fondled her breasts and her private parts.

“I was terrified. I remember he touched my breasts and private parts and then he ejaculated in the kitchen sink. He then washed off his sperms and wiped his hands with the dish towel,” said the young woman pursing her lips to show disgust.

The victim who was a form 4 student at the time says she then called her friend to the house and together they called her brother to come back home.

” While we were still telling my brother the story, the pastor’s wife called me and asked me not to report her husband. The pastor also sent my brother a text message to confess that he had done something evil to his little sister (me),”she said.

Her brother, the young woman revealed tried to convince her not to report the rape to the police.

” They begged me to save their church because if I reported the pastor, it would collapse. They even called all church leaders to try and convince me that there were people who needed the pastor’s healings and that if I reported him I would be denying the sick the opportunity to get healed,” she said.

However no amount of begging would deter the young woman from seeking justice and she reported the pastor to the Gaborone West police the same day despite her brother’s plea.

This week the case will finally come to an end as the pastor is expected to mitigate before sentencing.

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