Dipsy drools over spilt milk

Former football star, Dipsy Selolwane this week called out the national team management, saying he literally had to beg them to travel to major football tournaments.

Selolwane, or rather ‘U turn Dipsy’, feels that although he turned out to be one of Botswana’s most decorated footballers, he had to “beg” his way in, commenting “ba mpontshitse Sh#t”.

Now now Dipsy, Shaya is not interested in those details, get over it, you no longer play ball! Tell me instead about your relationship with the TV girl, did you manage to fix it after the scandal?

I know you came out to clear your name but I hear all is not well with her.

I don’t blame her though U-turn, the young girl has been through the ringer with this relationship.

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