Dreams do come true! For some reason I have been hearing that statement a lot these days, especially from my friends who seem to have suddenly been hit by The Secret bug.

For those who haven’t caught the bug yet, The Secret is a book which teaches that we create our lives with every thought every minute of every day.
My friends discovered  The Secret, which I maintain is no secret at all way too late compared to some of us who grew up on the Bible and learnt about the power of one’s  thought life a long time ago. Of course practice makes for a different subject altogether.

Anyhow,it hit me again this week that dreams do come true for real if we set out to pursue them when I read about how a  celebrity mom Jennifer Lopez who as a singer, actress, style icon and wife, recently added mom  to her many tittles at  the ripe old age of 40. She is now 44 and chasing around  four- year-olds around the pool with no shame.

A mother of twins, Jennifer was recently talking about how she wasn’t prepared to abandon her dreams to be relegated entirely to the sandbox. Its a juggling act we know, with the kids up there on the list of priorities but life is too short to abandon one’s dreams entirely simply to concentrate on raising kids, because unlike what the society would generally want women to believe, I am totally convinced that every individual’s life journey is unique and  the race does not necessarily belong to the swift if its competition and comparison with our peers who had kids earlier than us we are worried about.

So to all  women out there in their early and mid 30’s (I know a good number of them too) who are being scared into believing that their body clock is ticking and therefore  have had to endure the question “When  are you having children?” more than they could care to answer I say feel free to purse your dreams without fear of intimidation from those who advise against pursuing ones dreams because they simply haven’t pursued theirs and are therefore resigned to unfulfilled lives.

Raising kids for such have become a convenient excuse for failure, a cop out, if you ask me.

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