Did the Naletsana snub CEO parent at wedding
Did the Naletsana snub CEO parent at wedding

2017 Netball World Youth Cup #ReaBaTsaya team Bw Captain, Sarona Sasa got hitched over the weekend at one of the up-town lodges.

The 21-year-old Australia based star tied the knot with Elvis Rapoo.

Shaya would like to congratulate Mrs Rapoo although Shaya is wondering why the wedding was kept a secret.

Speaking of secrets, another birdie at the wedding, you know gossip mongers will always have something to say- told Shaya how one of the parents was not invited to the wedding.

The man who is a former CEO was no where to be seen at the wedding.

If its true what the gossip mongers were saying, Naletsana that is no way to start a holy matrimony, whatever the circumstances they are still your parent.

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