CONCERNED: Councillor Molelo

Teachers at Nxaraga satellite primary school in the North West District have turned the school’s administration office into a makeshift accommodation due to shortage of teacher’s houses, Maun sub district council has been told.

Speaking during a special sub district council meeting earlier today (Monday), Councillor Morolong Mosimanyana of Nxaraga ward said three female teachers have been crammed into the administration office because there is no alternative accommodation in the village.

“All their belongings are in there. They sleep, cook and bathe inside the staff room. These women are married and they have no privacy at all,” pointed out Mosimanyana.

Speaking on the sidelines of the council meeting, Mosimanyana explained that when the teachers arrived at the school at the beginning of the current term, he was among the people who were called to the school to help settle the problem.

“We had no other choice but to allow them to be accommodated inside the staffroom,” he further stated.

He was in fact asking the sub council to prioritise construction of teacher’s quarters when distributing the P10 million constituency community project funds.

In support of Mosimanyana, was nominated Councillor Abel Molelo, who added that instead of spending over P2 million fencing and paving the Maun graveyard, at least two or three teacher’s houses can be constructed with part of the money.

“Since the money is controlled by constituency offices, being offices of Members of Parliament, we have to ask from them to consider constructing this need. Teachers are in dire situation and they have been deployed there by government,” Molelo added.

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