VIABLE: Piggery business

Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) has discovered opportunities on pig farming according to a research carried out in 2008.
Information was collected from farmers and traders of pork products to study the market nationally which inform the authority on the structure of the piggery industry in the country.
The research has revealed that the demand for pork has surpassed that of beef, poultry and others.
Despite the country being one of the biggest beef exporters in the world trends show that pork has been the world’s meat of choice since 1976.
“FAO also estimates thatt pork consumption will increase further in the future owing to growth and increased per capita consumption,” LEA’s Moses Galeboe said.
Galeboe further said their study has shown that the piggery sub-sector has been growing over the past 10 years with the number of commercial farmers increasing over the years.
Despite this positive interest in piggery, Galebolae is worried that they did not discover a single farmer who is focused solely on breeding of animals for sale to other farmers.
“This is an opportunity that needs to be explored further with the help of LEA,” he said.
Galebolae said the annual national demand for pork products stood at 2 417.945 metric tons valued t P41 385 million.
“We estimated the annual supply of pork to be 1 758 metric tons with the value of P11 139 million with a shortfall of about 630. 864 metric tons constituting 26 percent of the total demand,” he said.
The correct shortfall figure could stand at 658 metric tons, but was lowered by the fact that some of the traders (restaurants) approached during the study refused to give answers concerning their purchasing records.
‘Of all the pork trading institutions only 25 percent of the supply was reported as local produce. This shows the country’s over dependence on imports,” said Galebolae.
The study further showed that pork ribs were in high demand compared to other products. Out of 18 pork products, ribs accounted for over 36 percent of the demand.
The research also showed that most of the pork ribs were sourced from imports as well as all the other products.
LEA led study revealed that there are only 37 commercial pig farmers in the country with a total of 4500 pigs.
This Galebolae said opened opportunities for new entrepreneurs to venture into pig farming to satisfy the local market.
‘The sector is dominated by adult male. LEA’s target group of women and youth groups are under represented with young female entrepreneurs comprising of a mere 3 percent of the piggery farming community.”
Galebolae underscored the fact that pig farming is not without its problems. He said their research showed  that, operating a piggery unit is somewhat expensive in Botswana.
“Labour and transportation are the main cost items outweighed only by feeds which for about 52 percent of operational costs,” said Galebolae.
In a spirited move to grow pig farming LEA has recommend to work together with other stakeholders like CEDA, Animal Production, Ministry of Agriculture and Department of Culture and Youth in view of the domestic market opportunity.
There was a recommendation of creating a pig produce market to the Botswana Pig Producers Association to link the suppliers of inputs, producers and their wholesale and retail customers.
LEA Chief Executive Officer Dr Tebogo Matome said there is need to increase LEA branches across the country.
“If we want to achieve to our mandate of growing Small Medium and Micro Enterprises we need to cover the entire breadth of the country,” Matome said.

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the results are true to the fact. the main problem is land and water. I know one guy who had everything in place except water source. at times you will the land, makert but you find it difficult to have permanent water source. remember that this projects need more land outside the village or town. lets have land set aside for projects like this one especially for youth.


i need to find pig farms in francistown…., do you have any contacts


I will be coming to Gabs on the 30th can you please advise me were to get pork trotters about 40kg please