Déjà vu
SAME OLD STORY: A banner after the 2008 general elections

Zimbabwe is on a knife-edge and it’s not the first time.

Change in leadership has been so near yet so far, leaving many nursing physical and emotional wounds.

Winds of change have blown before, raising the hopes of many, only for that hope to come crashing down like a house of cards.

And it looks like history has repeated itself.

Change has been the buzzword in the build up to elections, with many voters expressing a desire to see a new party and a new leader in power.

But at the time of going to press, Zanu PF had already won majority seats in parliament.

And Zanu PF had not only won but had won with wide margins, as wide as 20, 000, yes 20, 000 votes in one constituency. So imagine what this means for the presidential vote.

Constituencies such as Uzumba and Maramba Pfungwe in Mashonaland East have always been a major concern to the opposition and those who follow politics and current affairs because of the large number of voters and people who vote in favour of Zanu PF.

In these constituencies, all other parties get zero votes, which is quite strange!

Not to say they cannot exercise their democratic right to vote for a party of their choice but having such one-sided figures in a rural constituency does leave a number of question marks.

This however did not stop the MDC-Alliance from declaring themselves winners.

As of Tuesday afternoon they had claimed victory, saying it was basing its conclusion on the results collected countrywide from their polling agents.

The problem with the main opposition though is that, just like in the past, they are quick to make conclusions.

They may have evidence of rigging, they may have results that show their victory but announcing them and breaking into song and dance to celebrate was immature on their part.

The least they could have done was to hold on to those results and wait for ZEC to make the official results then take it from there should any anomalies arise.

So basically we are back to the past where the opposition claims victory in advance, rejects the official results, challenge the results in court only for the courts to throw away the case.

On the other hand, Zanu PF will tell the opposition to concede defeat and move on.

As for us the electorates, especially those of us who were keeping fingers crossed for change, we have started licking our wounds though with a flicker of hope that maybe the scales will tilt in our favour in the presidential election results.

But that again is a far-fetched dream.

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