A fight between two Zimbabwean herdboys over a goat allegedly led to an arrow in the neck for one and a murder charge for the other.

30-year-old Bhekisisa Maphepha is believed to have killed his friend and fellow illegal immigrant, Njabulo Ndlovu, 24, stabbing him in the neck at Chikomoti lands in Goshwe on Saturday.

According to a source close to the deceased, Ndlovu had approached Maphepha telling him he had been sent to fetch a buck belonging to his boss.

“However, Maphepha refused him entry into the kraal. They then scuffled, rolled on the ground, giving each other hot blows until Maphepha reached for a sharp object and stabbed the deceased on the neck,” said the source, who claimed to have witnessed the incident but asked to remain anonymous.

Bleeding profusely, Ndlovu was rushed to Tutume Hospital where he was stitched up. However, he never recovered from his injuries and died a few hours later.

Looking slightly confused but displaying little other emotion, Maphepha appeared before Masunga Senior Magistrate Segametsi Basinyi on Tuesday, where he was told he would be remanded in custody.

The prosecuting officer, Galetloge Batweetsi, had earlier told court investigation into the matter were still at an initial stage.

“This is a fresh matter, we fear that if given bail the accused may abscond court,” he explained.

Batweetsi then called Investigating Officer (IO) Ofitlhile Tshepiso to beef up the reasons for refusing the suspect bail.

The IO pointed out that Maphepha was a flight risk as he does not have any legal travelling documents.

“If he is given bail he might run away and we might not be able to trace him,” warned Tshepiso, who revealed that the deceased’s body was still lying at Tutume Primary Hospital awaiting identification by relatives.

“We are still trying to locate the deceased’s relatives in Zimbabwe so as to arrange for a post mortem,” he explained, adding efforts to reach the deceased’s family had so far proven futile as the phone number they have was not going through.