Deadly strike
DEADLY: Black Mamba

Cornered black mamba kills man

A man who tried to help kill a black-mamba last Sunday, tragically died at the hospital after the venomous snake unleashed a deadly strike that caught his ankle.

Eye witnesses told of how the deceased, Lesego Mosarwa, 30, together with other villagers had noticed the deadly snake chasing after a chicken at Seribotsane lands near Molepolole.

“It was at around 7pm and the men had just finished slaughtering a cow and were still cooking some of the meat,” the deceased’s 70-year-old aunt, Keopelo Kenyaditswe, said.

“They chased after the snake and it tried to seek refuge in the tuck-shop but before the rest of its body could get inside one of the men grabbed it by the tail and dragged it from underneath the door and threw it on the ground,” she added.

The nearly three-metre reptile is said to have, in self defence, turned and struck Mosarwa who had been standing-by ready to hit the snake with a stick.

Deadly strike

“His peers wrapped his bitten leg and he managed to walk to the hiking spot where he found transport to Losilakgokong clinic where the nurses swiftly referred him to Thamaga Primary Hospital.

Unfortunately he died whilst receiving treatment,” Kenyaditswe sadly explained.

The tragic incident was reported to the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP) officers.

DWNP Chief Public Relations Officer Alice Mmolawa confirmed the incidence and advised members of the public never to try engaging dangerous snakes such as the black mamba as it is one of the most poisonous snakes.

She urged them to report to the nearest DWNP or the Police who will be able to utilise available expertise to capture the snake.

“The rainy season is on and snakes move around more frequently during this time, hence People should ensure that the environs of their homes are kept clean of tall grasses to reduce further snake incidences,” Mmolawa noted.

Black Mamba Facts

The black mamba has quite a reputation. It is one of the world’s deadliest snakes.

It is the fastest land snake in the world, and the longest species of venomous snake in Africa and the second longest in the world.

This snake’s potential danger has been the subject of many African myths and it has been blamed for thousands of human deaths.

The black mamba’s reputation is not undeserved. Black mambas are extremely toxic and very fast snakes.

They are highly aggressive when threatened, known to strike repeatedly and t] inject a large volume of venom with each strike.

Their venom is potentially lethal, and though antivenin exists, it is not widely available in the black mamba’s native habitat of Southern and Eastern Africa.

For this reason, they are considered a top killer in a land where nearly 20,000 people die from snake bites every year.

When bitten by a neurotoxic snake, such as a cobra or mamba:

* Stay calm and breathe gently.

* Immediately apply a crepe bandage firmly around the wound, as if for a muscle sprain. This will reduce the amount of venom entering the bloodstream but should not cut off circulation.

* Do not apply a tourniquet.

* Never try to suck the venom out.

*Transport the person to hospital as soon as possible, as these snakes have potent venom and anti-venom will be needed.

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