Dead baby Found
CRIME SCENE: Dead baby was dumped at Gerald Estates clinic

What was presumed to be clinical waste in one of Francistown’s 24- hour government clinic has shockingly turned out to be a dead baby.

The tiny corpse was dumped in one of the observation rooms at Gerald estate clinic.

Gerald Estates police station boss says the baby-dumping incident was reported in the early morning hours of Monday morning.

“The dead baby was discovered wrapped in a red clinical waste plastic bag, by one of the cleaners. A midwife was called from the maternity wing and she confirmed that the package in the bag was a dead newly born baby weighing 3kg,” said Superintendent Edward Leposo.

However, a week since the gruesome discovery, no suspects have been arrested and the little corpse is still held at Nyangabgwe referral hospital.

“The post mortem has revealed that the back of the baby’s head was hit by a blunt object. Maybe the mother gave birth to the baby alone and it fell and died during birth. However, we can not rule out sinister acts,” Leposo explained.