The Director General of Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC), Bruno Paledi, says most of the graft investigations they are working on are almost complete and that the cases will soon be handed over to the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

When addressing the media at his office, Paledi noted that the DCEC continues to, inter alia; receive cases of both grand and petty corruption and other economic crimes such as money laundering which are prone in key public sector areas such as Energy, Local Authorities; Construction; Land Management; Transport; Immigration and the Education sector.

“These continue to be areas of concern of which we have taken a deliberate decision to specifically focus our corruption for prevention and public education efforts on, parallel to on-going investigation of matters in some of these sectors.”

The DCEC boss gave an update on some of the major cases that they have been investigating this year such as the National Petroleum Fund.

“This is a case which involves over P500 million. We have been investigating this case for just about a year now, and we have just started charging some people of late through our principal attorneys, the DPP.”

Paledi explained that they have taken this long because corruption is a very complex crime to investigate especially in a case which transcends several jurisdictions and therefore takes not only time but also a lot of resources to investigate.

He said that though some people have been charged in this case, investigations are still continuing and so pleaded with the media and the general public to be patient with them as they go through this process.

One of the cases he mentioned is the pensions fund case at Capital Management Botswana (CMB) whose investigations, he said, are on course and that they are hopeful to be calling on some people to account for their action or inaction in due course.

“This case also involves around P800 million of the Pensions Fund and the investigations transcend national boundaries hence involving a lot of legal huddles such as the mutual legal requests. We are however encouraged by the progress of the investigations this far,” he said.

The DCEC boss also said they are narrowing investigations in the infamous P300 million Tutume sub-district tender.

“This is a corruption case alleging a number of under hand dealings involving bribery, exchange of valuable consideration for a tender, conflict of interest, money laundering and leakage of confidential information to seven contractors by public servants. Investigations in this matter are also on course and we hoping to be calling on people to account for their actions in due course,” he added.

Paledi also mentioned the Oil Refinery Plant case in Francistown which he said involves some money amounting to around P50 million and that investigations in the matter were on-going.

He also pointed out the P50 000 which was found in a dustbin at Minister Prince Maele’s Block 6 yard. “This is a case in which P50 000 was found in a dustbin in Block 6, Gaborone and investigations are almost complete in this matter.”

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