He may not have found himself a match after the ‘Date My Family Botswana’ cameras stopped rolling, but 20-year-old Thuso Magosi says he takes heart from the fact that the reality dating show has opened doors to a pool of choices from the Southern African region.

“I may not have got a date on the show but I might have a date now because of the show!” Magosi confidently proclaimed to The Voice in the beginning of a series of follow-up updates from DMF hopefuls.

Date My Family Botswana made waves in the media when news of its premiere in Botswana were publicized.

Social media was abuzz with questions, some trivial as where they were going to get dining sets or even dining rooms for television.

Mechanical engineer Thuso Magosi took a shot at love on the show on the 4th episode wherein his ordeal with Mpho Nthoiwa – dubbed “No Nonsense Mpho” by the show – unfolded.

He sat in an interview with The Voice following what may be termed an ordeal in his shot at love. 

Just like everybody else who goes onto the show, he was hoping to find love but at the same time felt obligated to contribute to the development of this type of reality television series in Botswana.

Since the show is a new phenomenon to Botswana in terms of television, Magosi reckons the reception is an issue of concern. 

“I realized the power of television, don’t take it lightly. I went there, I didn’t really think it will get such audience. But when I walk down the streets people be like ‘Yeah, o kae Kalanga Princess?’ It was overwhelming.”

The show seems to be centered around whether potential dates have children or not and if they do, the number of the children.

This is one of the things that saw Magosi’s dreams of finding a woman set with the sun because Nthomiwa herself has two children – one over the limit that Magosi had set. 

“When she walked through the door, I gave her the benefit of the doubt but when she started opening her mouth…she was too much of a drama queen.”

DMF hopes to bring single people together towards cultivating a relationship but there may be feelings of dissatisfaction for those that the show did not live up to their expectations.

Magosi however sees it from a different point.

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