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The death of the man shot five times by an army officer over allegations that he was having an erotic relationship with his wife, has sent shock waves through many engaged in extramarital relationships.

The killing formed the subject of conversation as reporter Chenjelani Baraedi took the combi from Francistown to Gerald Estates.

Gaining speed past the traffic lights along Blue Jacket Street a young girl in full school uniform hurries across the road in the direction of Choppies Supermarket, just avoiding the fully laden combi as it zooms past.

Her hurried movement catches the attention of a young man with gold teeth and studded nose. He is sitting next to a bald headed man who appears to be his friend.

GOLD TOOTH: (Gesturing and making whistling noises)

Man will you look at the legs and arse on that chick.  EISH I feel like dropping off here. Yah… that is what a man needs as a good night present.

BALD HEAD: What are you talking about? You will rot in prison for rape. Can’t you see that the girl is just a minor? People of your character are a danger to society. How could you even dream of sleeping with a girl young enough to be your daughter or your kid sister?

GOLD TOOTH: What do you know about it? Your friends are enjoying all the goodies and you are still talking about age. Open your eyes -young girls are experts in bed.  Besides age ain’t nothing but a number.

BALD HEAD: You pervert! How can you take pride in such things? Look for women of your own age. If it was my daughter and I found you in bed her, I would break your neck. Better still I would find a gun and blow your brains out in the same way as that BDF guy did to the Canon man who was taking his wife.

(His comments bring a murmur of interest from other passengers)

ZCC MAN: (joining in the conversation from behind) Yah I think the Canon guy was served right. You can’t have mercy on anyone breaking another’s family just for fun and sexual pleasure. People messing around with other people’s wife need to be seriously punished.

FAT LADY IN A BERET: I think some men are just too possessive. It’s totally barbaric for one man to kill another for a woman’s body. Just being in a relationship doesn’t give you ownership over another’s sex life. Besides all men cheat, so the BDF guy was just too cruel.

COMBI DRIVER: (Looks around and clears his throat)

It’s enough to make you scared to even look at another man’s girl. But do you think the soldier did well by killing his rival? I mean it solves nothing, because now he is going to be hanged by the neck and die like a dog. Truly speaking I think this guy was just a coward. A brave man would not do what he did.

BALD HEAD: In matters of the heart people act passionately. Just put yourself in his shoes and imagine what you could have done. I understand the other guy even bragged that he was enjoying his ‘yes’, when warned to back off from the married woman.  If it were me, I would do the same thing.

COMBI DRIVER: Remind me not to mess around with your wife then! But seriously, what did this guy gain by killing his rival? He will hang and whilst the woman will have lost her lover and her husband, at least she can start again

BALD HEAD: I think the guy considered all the options and came to the conclusion that killing his rival was the only way to avenge his own pain. He has sent a serious message to people like my brother here who wants to mess around with a man’s underage daughter, or combi drivers who want to take other men’s wives for more than the ride they paid for!

And with those closing remarks you can drop me off at the next stop.

COMBI DRIVER: Good – I’ll feel safer with you out of the way. But still you can’t teach me anything about women. Cheating is part of life and you can’t change it.

BALD HEAD: (exiting combi) Be careful my man – stealing another man’s wife goes with a very high price tag. Filling your head with such ideas will get your brains blown out. Next time I hear of you it will be a story in The Voice.

COMBI DRIVER: You’re mad. If this wasn’t your stop I would have thrown you out anyhow.

FAT LADY IN BERET: Funny man. More than likely he is also a cheat. It is always those having something to hide that shout the loudest.

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Nna ga ke dumalane le dipolao,mme se ke sa dumalaneng le sone go fetla polao ya monna yo mongwe ke go itseela mosadi wa monna yo mongwe. A married woman is off limits. Hela ha o ipona o tsaya mosadi yo o nyetsweng o bo o itse gore o ipiletsa leso.