UP IN SMOKE: Apollo Diablo

Diablo lashed for marijuana

He is well known for exciting his fans with lyrics that praise marijuana and its smokers.

But last week hip-hop star, Monametsi Nkhukhu AKA Apollo Diablo found himself begging for mercy at the Gaborone Block 8 customary court where he received 5 lashes of the whip after being nabbed in possession of a sachet of the illicit drug.

Sources who witnessed the arrest say the rapper, who is also an independent television producer and presenter was caught smoking marijuana with his friends in Block 8 last week after a tip off from neighbours.

“He was with a group of guys at a well known drinking spot and they were making a lot of noise, it was unbearable.

Then some residents notified the police and that is how they were caught,” said our sources. The ‘gusheshe’ hit maker is said to have been walloped five strokes and fined P500.

On The Voice Big Interview in 2012 the 30- year- old rapper had accused white western media of unfairly perpetrating the idea that rappers are troublemakers who always have brushes with the law.

“The global perception of rappers is perpetrated by the predominantly white western media which is all too happy to depict black people as useless and less human. Rock stars are hardly given negative publicity; makes one wonder why,” he had said.

Contacted for a comment on the recent matter, the Francistown born rapper confirmed both incidents. He disclosed that a 2 gram sachet of Marijuana was found in his possession and that he was whipped five strokes on his bare back.

“I was with a couple of friends and the police pounced on us. I think they are now just making this a big story because I am well known. I was with my friends at a drinking spot in Gaborone and its true we had marijuana but that’s neither here nor there,” said the aggrieved rapper.

Diablo said he was however grateful for the mercy he received from the court as a first offender.

“I was a first time offender and they just gave me a five hundred pula fine after whipping me five times on my back. One of the officers who caught me is an actor on that Btv police drama. I am happy that they were lenient on me in a way,” he said.

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