DAI empowers the youth

Scarcely known, Development Advanced Institute (DAI) has pioneered a myriad of initiatives which seek to promote the youth, women, people living with disabilities and the rural populace.

Such programs include their “Pusha 20 Pusha Life” program which aims to relieve some of the constraints that shackle the youth’s ability to take advantage of various government procurement processes.

Due to the fact that the youth often find it arduous to adhere to financial tender requirements, the program primarily aspires to implement an invoice discounting model in order to facilitate the completion of the tender requisites.

In addition, Development Advanced Institute offers numerous BQA (Botswana Qualifications Authority) accredited short courses which seek to enhance the education of the workforce.

The programs in question are; Functional leadership, Human Resource Management, Team Building and Interpersonal Relations as well as Finance and Business Appreciation.

They are all five day courses ranked at level 3 with the exception of the latter program which is a 3 day course owing to the fact that it is ranked at level 1.

These programs help enhance the workforce’s capabilities and facilitate promotions and easier access to tenders.

DAI has also initiated a facility named as the ‘Hub’ on their premises.

The Hub’s main objective is to drastically subsidize office costs for aspiring entrepreneurs by providing access to the internet, conference rooms, fax machines and a host of other facilities at the mere cost of a P1000 a month.

However, it must be noted that the property is not expansive and so currently only 12 people can enroll to take advantage of this offer.

When probed on DAI’s mandate, Public Relations Officer – Motshegwa Thekiso commented;

“The dream is to see young Batswana become millionaires and achieve all their dreams. It is high time the money in the economy trickles down to the youth and other underrepresented members of our society”

The move is a welcome alternative to other government initiatives as it reduces the financial burden on the state.

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