Curly the new strait hair; DIY Curling Techniques
Curly the new strait hair; DIY Curling Techniques

Straight hair is just straight these days, it’s a bore.

It’s either you have a natural Afro or you are naturally curly, that’s the way to cool hair fashion.

If you wish to join the cool gang, try curly weaves; forget the switching technique just stick to ready curled weaves or extension hair.

The bigger the better for the season and it will not get you all sweaty. Besides, it keeps your natural hair protected against the harsh weather and those ears will be all warmed up.

Try these curling techniques on your natural hair or weaves before the summer arrives, you can check the boca raton Top hair salons

Curling Techniques/ Captions

• Crochet curled weaves; you can crochet your ready curled weave instead of the normal weaving way for a more natural looking hairstyle

• Perm rods; Perm your own natural hair makes it look so clean and chic and the style lasts; forget tying a bun all the time girl.

• Flexi rods; the work wonders on long weaves and even kinky hair, D.I.Y or salon, your choice sister

• Bantu knots; These best left overnight on your weave/natural hair and the results are amaze balls.

• And the results are CURLY