Of culture and ‘greedy elders’

On Saturday morning, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was at a butchery in Mochudi where he had gone to braai meat when he overheard a conversation centered around culture and how some things should be questioned.

MAN IN JEANS: I am happy we have had a chance to roast meat, now we won’t have to worry about drinking beer on empty stomachs.

What I like about this butchery is that when you buy meat for braai, they give you phaleche for free.

MAN IN WHITE T-SHIRT: The place is good for single men like us especially those who don’t have time to cook.

Talking of cooking, I forgot to ask them if they have kidneys so I can buy and cook when I get home.

MAN IN BLACK TROUSERS:You’re not serious.Don’t you know that eating kidneys is against our culture?

MAN IN WHITE T-SHIRT: What culture, butcheries sell kidneys so that those that can afford to buy them can do so.

The reason we’re backward as a nation is because of this culture thing.

Culture changes from generation to generation and people must learn to move with the times.

MAN IN JEANS: You’re right.

It’s something that I have also observed. If you were to ask an elder what happens if you eat kidneys, they wouldn’t give you a proper answer.

Instead they would tell you its culture.

MAN IN BLACK TROUSERS: The reason we don’t live longer as the youth is that we don’t follow culture.

If you’re told by the elders that eating kidneys is against our culture, then simply oblige?

MAN IN JEANS: I expect reasoning.

If I tell my children that they mustn’t do certain things I should tell them the consequences of going against my word.

MAN IN WHITE T-SHIRT: If you closely look at how culture was tailored, you will notice that it was based on self-centeredness and greed.

It was meant to favor a certain type of class.

MAN IN JEANS: I was told that in the past, people used to bury their loved ones in hide as there were no coffins.

They accepted the culture. I’m surprised that in other things that involve food and money people don’t want to change culture.

Isn’t that hypocrisy?

MAN IN BLACK TROUSERS: You guys could make good politicians.

Wouldn’t it be better for you to campaign for parliamentary seats in 2019?

The conversation ends as the men walk to a bar adjacent to the butchery.

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